Thursday, September 22, 2016

Garden Anywhere

There are no excuses to not have a garden.  Whether you live in an apartment, house, in the city or the country, anything can be made into a gardening container.

This year I used 5 gallon buckets and mineral tubs used on a local cattle ranch.  Make sure you drill holes in the bottom of your buckets - at least 6 - so the excess rain and water can seep out and not drown your plants.

I put 4 tomato plants in the larger tubs to save space. It's perfectly alright to plant more than one plant in each container.  However, don't over plant.

Example:  5 gallon bucket can take 2 to a max of 3 tomato plants.

Over plant in your tubs.  I sowed all of my carrot seeds in one of the larger tubs and was blessed with a ton of sweet baby carrots.  Let nature take it's course as the stronger plants will survive, the others will rot and add mulch to your container soil.

*What are your favorite vegetables?
*What do you have around your home that can be used as a container?
*Container gardening also helps the environment and you are creating your own micro environment.

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