Friday, September 23, 2016

How to Make Homemade Chicken Soup

Fall is in the air and that means making homemade soups. Soups are so easy to make they practically make themselves.

First: I generally do not purchase a whole chicken unless they are on sale.  I got this chicken for $.88/lb and it was almost 6 pounds.

You can also use thigh meat or leg meat (dark meat which tastes better in soup) Remember to remove the skin.

Roast your chicken and have it for supper, using the leftovers to make your Homemade Chicken Soup. It is much easier to already have your chicken roasted because the skin is easier to take off this way.

Using your leftover roasted chicken, remove as much skin as you can and place the entire chicken in a soup pot then cover the carcass with water.  Slow boil the chicken until the meat starts to fall off of the bone.

Hint: It is the bones that make the flavor of the stock

Second: The water will slow boil down making your chicken stock even better.  Remove the chicken and all of the bones - set aside and let the chicken and bones cool.

Third: Once the meat and bones are cool pick off the chicken that is still attached to the bone and cut the chicken up into small cubes. Place the chicken back into the stock pot.

Fourth: Now that the chicken is in the stock pot nicely chopped up add all the vegetables and spices:

  • Large Onion 
  • Celery
  • Carrots
  • Mushrooms
  • Garlic
  • Celery Salt or Celery Seed
  • Course Ground Pepper or plain Pepper
  • Garlic Powder
  • Mrs. Dash Regular
  • Fresh Thyme, Oregano, Parsley (if available)
  • Cumin
Your vegetable choices are endless.  You can even open up a bag of mixed vegetables and place in your soup.  

Fifth: Slow boil the stock, chicken cubes and vegetables to reduce the stock a little more.  You are now making a chicken and vegetable stock.

Sixth: Add in rice or egg noodles cook until either are done and serve on a cold winter day. 

Hint: If you are going to freeze your stock freeze it prior to adding your vegetables, this way your vegetables are not too mushy.  

You can also remove the vegetables after cooking and puree the vegetables to make your soup a little thicker.

Freeze your leftover homemade chicken soup for a quick dinner or even for lunch at work.  No matter how you look at it you can't go wrong with homemade soups.

Grab a spoon and enjoy.

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