Tuesday, September 27, 2016

How to Prepare Garden Soil

Now that Fall is in the air and you have pulled all of your container garden plants it is time to put nutrients back into your soil.

During the growing season your garden plants take nutrients from your soil in order to grow so it only makes sense that you need to prepare your soil for the next growing season.

I keep a scrap container which consists of an empty coffee container with a lid.  When I am cooking I will add to my scrap container egg shells (adds calcium back into your soil), carrot ends and other vegetable ends including onions and rotted tomatoes. Note:  Never put meat or meat products such as grease into your soil as this will attract a ton of flies.

Once a week I empty my scrap container into my tubs and stir the scraps into the soil.  If the soil is dry I will add water to help break down the scraps that have been added. As your scraps break down over the winter months they will rot, thus putting nutrients back into your soil.  Keep stirring your scraps in your containers so soil and scraps are well mixed.  You are essentially creating mulch directly into your garden containers.  You can keep adding your kitchen scraps all winter long.

In the Spring give your containers a good stir and break up any larger chunks of kitchen scraps you have added to your soil during the Fall and Winter months.  Oh; the snow will help break down your scraps.

You are now ready to plant when the time comes in the Spring and will have healthy soil for the new season's plants.  There you have it. Good soil means garden plants that will provide you with a large yield.

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