Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Homemade Condiments

Tartar Sauce
If you do not use certain condiments all of the time such as Tartar Sauce, Russian Dressing and Honey Mustard, why waste your money and the product by purchasing a bottle of it.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Is it Organic? Look for Number 9

 What is a PLU Number

Those annoying stickers that are placed on produce are called PLU stickers or Product Look Up numbers.

Meals out of Practically Nothing

Half Full Jars

As you look in your refrigerator contemplating if there is anything good to eat think of what can be made out of half full jars.


Say you have a half full jar of spaghetti sauce.  Instead of throwing it out make sloppy joes.

Add a tiny bit of water to the sauce to make thinner
Grate a couple of Garlic Cloves and add to the sauce
Add a little ketchup if you want
Add 1 teaspoon of sugar
Salt and Pepper
* You can even add your half full jar of salsa and eliminate the sugar

Scramble some hamburger and season to taste.  Pour the sauce over your hamburger and serve it on a hamburger bun.  Sloppy Joe dinner and there is no waste of food.

Jam Sauce

Add to a half jar of jam or jelly
1 Tablespoon of white balsamic vinegar
1 Tablespoon of Almond Flavoring
Stir together in the jar and serve over some vanilla ice cream

Leftover Beef or Pork

Do you have half of a steak, roast or pork in your refrigerator?
Make a stir fry.  Just add your leftover meat to some leftover or frozen vegetables, spice it up with garlic, cumin, salt, pepper, tarragon or any other spice.  Place your stir fry over a bed of natural brown rice for a healthy meal.

Don't Waste

Use your imagination as to what you can combine in your refrigerator to make a whole meal.  This way you will never waste any food and your food budget will be smaller.  Remember, waste not want not.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Dangers of taking Supplements

Photo Credit Clip Art
We have seen commercials on television with actors pushing dietary supplements.  These advertisements state that the "supplement contains the USP seal of approval".  Of course the letters 'USP' are visible on each bottle.

What is the USP?

The USP was established by eleven doctors back in 1820. Of course these original eleven doctors are all dead now and there are no names that can be found on who they were.  The USP is stating they are a non-profit organization, the USP states that they 'set the standard' for supplements, medications and the purity thereof.  Actually, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) should be doing this.  Hence the name Food and Drug Administration.

I visited the USP website Interestingly enough, when I clicked on "Learn about USP Dietary Supplements" which is located half way down the page on the right hand side, the next screen states "The page you are looking for has moved or does not exist"

Does this mean that dietary supplements are no longer so called regulated by the USP?  One has to remember, all dietary supplements are not regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) which should be regulating these supplements.

All a dietary supplement company has to do is to submit a one page report to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the FDA doesn't have to do a thing, such as approve the chemical structure of the individual supplement which is rather important.

Recent News on Calcium Supplements causing Heart Problems

It became public on October 11, 2016, that Calcium supplements can cause calcium buildup in the heart and in the arteries of the heart. In turn, these calcium buildups are causing heart attacks and strokes.

Commercials with middle aged healthy looking women state they take Calcium supplements to help make their bones less brittle and to prevent osteoporosis.  The sad part is, if you are at risk for getting osteoporosis it is due to your DNA makeup.

Why take a Dietary Supplement?

There is no need for any person to take a dietary supplement which is made up of nothing but chemicals. Just read the label of ingredients and then look them up. This should be enough to scare you to stop taking these supplements which do absolutely nothing but put poisons in our bodies.

One has to remember that no two people have the same metabolism, DNA, molecular make-up and the list goes on.  What may be alright for one person to take may not be alright for another person to take and could, in fact, be poisoning.

Eat Healthy

If we all eat healthy food choices such as drinking whole milk, green vegetables, fruits and cut down on sugars and salt there just may be less health issues that a person has to endure.


When I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes I was not surprised as it runs in my family.  In three (3) months I had my sugar levels back to normal.  How did I do it?

  1. I stopped eating pre-packaged foods
  2. I stopped eating canned foods
  3. I stopped eating processed foods
  4. I eat only fresh or frozen vegetables
  5. I eat only fresh fruit (not frozen)
  6. I use a multitude of spices instead of salt
  7. I stopped eating fast food and eating in restaurants
It is difficult to change a diet but if you want to regulate how your body is reacting to what you put in it you have to change eating habits in order to be as healthy as you can.

Remember, if you eat healthy choices there is no need to take a supplement which is full of chemicals.  Why make supplement companies rich when you are taking something that is harmful to your body making you sick?

Be smart and eat smart.  Teach your children now how to eat healthy choices and stay away from restaurants and fast food chains; not to mention taking supplements which have absolutely no regulation whatsoever.

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Ten ways to use Leftovers

Everyone has leftovers in their refrigerators. Most people do not like leftovers for one reason or another and good food is thrown away instead of using it for several meals.  Here are ten hints and tips on how to use those pesky leftovers in your refrigerator.

  1. Place leftovers in a freezer bag or container and freeze for another meal. 
  2. Clean out your refrigerator once a week and have a banquet.
  3. Use leftovers for a children's meal.
  4. Use leftovers for lunch at work or a snack.
  5. Make a casserole.
  6. Make a soup.
  7. Puree leftovers to use as baby food. You can even freeze the puree in ice cube trays.  Once frozen just pop out the frozen baby food cubes and place them in a freezer bag.  Remember to mark the bag with what is in it as well as the date.  Then grab a cube to thaw and feed your baby.
  8. Bring leftovers to work and share with your coworkers.
  9. Bring leftovers to a neighbor or friend.
  10. Put leftovers in your compost pile.
There are many other ways to use leftovers.  Can you come up with some and share them on this blog?

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Monday, October 10, 2016

How to be Frugal with Sales

Are some sales really a great bargain?  Not really.  For example when a grocery store is having a sale of 10 items for $10.00 this forces the consumer to impulse purchase all 10 of the same item when it is not necessary.  Therefore, the consumer is spending more on their grocery items than they expected.

While at the grocery store don't just look at the end-cap sales. You know, the pretty presentation at the end of each aisle.  Walk down the aisle and look at the top shelf and bottom shelf.  You will be surprised that you will find a better bargain.  Grocery stores put the brand items and other sales that really are not sales at eye level.

Clothing Purchases

Shop for clothing at consignment shops and places such as Goodwill and Salvation Army.  Most of these clothes are top brand named clothing and look brand new. You can even find free winter coats at Goodwill and the Salvation Army during October and November.

Trade clothing with friends

Get together with your friends and have a clothing swap party.  Not only is it a fun way to get together (serve some wine and cheese) you will end up with a new wardrobe.

Vehicle Purchases

The best time to purchase a new vehicle is in the Fall.  The new vehicles are coming out during this time and the vehicle dealerships want to get rid of last years model.  Find a vehicle you want and you will be able to negotiate to the price you want to pay for your vehicle.


Use coupons only for the items you need.  Coupons also forces impulse purchases.  If you have a coupon for $.50 off an item look around and you will find the same item (it may not be brand name) for less than what you used the coupon for.

For those 'extreme coupon' people that brag they only purchased an entire grocery basket of food for $1.00 actually end up with a storage of items that just may go bad prior to usage.  Not to mention, not all States allow this type of extreme coupon usage.


Always shop around and compare prices.  Just because you see something on sale at a store doesn't mean you have to purchase it. Try shopping on-line because you may find the same item for a cheaper price.

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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Dangers of Canned Red Kidney Beans

I first want you to look at the ingredients that are in the canned red kidney beans:

*Calsium Disodium ETDA - added to help promote color retention

Also known as Ethylenediaminetetracetic Acid

This ingredient is a made up of:

Sodium Cyanide
Ethylene Diamine

This is a POISON which is added to many food products such as soda, salad dressings, meat spreads and even pickles.  What it does is prevents fat from separating from the food, it prevents food product from becoming rancid (rotten) and keeps the color of the food to make it "pretty".

Wow, it's bad enough that not only is Calsium Disodium ETDA added to this can of beans (which is so convenient) there is also Corn Syrup is 100% glucose (sugar) which is certainly not good for diabetics let alone any one to eat.

Calcium Chloride has also been added to this can of red kidney beans.  Calcium Chloride is used in road maintenance, ice melt, making cement, cheese and beer.

If you want to eat healthy one certainly would not want to feed your family, including your children these poisons over and over again just because opening a can is more convenient than cooking dry bag of red kidney beans.  

Now, let's look at the bag of dried red kidney beans

Ingredients:  Red Kidney Beans

Wow, nothing that is a chemical.  Nothing to harm your body, just dried red kidney beans.  No added sugars, no Formaldehyde, no Sodium Cyanide, no Ethelyne Diamine and no Ice Melt.

Is it not a wonder why people have been coming down with more cancers and more children (an average of 3 in every classroom) has a learning disability such as ADD and ADHD not to mention Autism.

Be Healthy and cook up a bag of red kidney beans the next time you want to make chili or have a bowl of beans.  Is convenience of opening a can of poison really worth feeding your family?

So, your choice:  A can of Red Kidney Beans that is full of poison for dinner or a bag of dried kidney beans which is simply dried red kidney beans with nothing added and is extremely easy to cook.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Saving Money - Cut Your Own Meat

Photo Credit
The next time you are at the grocery store compare the prices on a whole roast and pre-cut stew meat.  You will be shocked at the difference in price.

Cut Your Own Stew Meat and Steaks

By purchasing a whole beef roast you can save up to $2.00 per pound.  Pre-cut stew meat is the same thing as a roast, however, you are paying a higher price for someone else to cut up the roast into stew meat.  Do you really want to pay a higher price just to make stew?  No one does.

Purchase a whole roast and simply cut it up yourself.  It only takes a few minutes to cut your roast into cubes for stew meat. So, what do you do with all of that cut up beef?  Well, freeze it of course.

The Easy Way to make Stew Meat and Steaks

Slice your roast with the grain of the meat.  Essentially, you are actually slicing the roast into steaks.  Once you have your steaks sliced all you have to do is to cut each steak into small cubes.

Once your meat is cut up set aside what you are going to use for dinner then freeze the rest.  Using pint size freezer bags, grab a handful of meat cubes and place in the bottom of the freezer bag. Make sure you fill in the bottom corners.

Now tightly roll up the freezer bag until you reach the zipper.  As you are rolling your meat in the bag you are removing the air inside of your bag.  Once at the top of the bag close it tightly.

Once you have several pint size bags of stew meat rolled, place the pint size bags into a larger freezer bag.  By doing this you are keeping your stew meat all in one place, you have a flat package to place in the freezer and you are able to prevent freezer burn on the meat.


If you are more in the mood for a steak, do the same thing when freezing.  Freeze either 2 steaks in one pint size bag or one at a time. Roll the bag removing the air and place your individual steaks in a larger freezer bag.

Saving money is a good thing.  There is no reason to not cut your own steaks or stew meat as it only takes a few moments of your time.

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Bat Guano and Gardens

Long Eared Bat Copyright 2016 MSargent
BATS!  I really do not know anyone who likes them.  I found this little guy on the ground in my yard. Just look at those teeth.

Since Halloween is coming I thought this would be a fun article to write.

Bat guano (poop) is a great fertilizer in your garden as it is comprised of a large amount of nitrogen which speeds up the growth process of your garden plants.  It also speeds up decomposition in your compost pile.

Like rabbit dung, you would want to make a tea out of the bat guano this way you get the fertilizer down to the roots of your plant.  Never pour any type of fertilizer tea on top of your plants, pour it on the base of your plants.

Bat Guano Tea or Poop Soup

In a 5 gallon bucket fill it about 1/2 way with bat guano.  Fill the rest of the bucket with water and let it steep in the hot sun for a day. The next day ladle your poop tea along the base of your plants.

You can easily make bat houses and place them around your yard on trees so you can collect the bat dung on the ground.  You would collect the dung during the day while the bats are sleeping. One thing for sure is you do not want bats inside of your attic as their urine and guano can destroy your home.

Bats are both good and bad.

Good:  They eat a lot of bugs especially mosquitoes, their guano or dung is a great fertilizer.

Bad:  They have a tendency to have rabies, they can live in attics and old houses ruining the structures.

WARNING: Never touch a live bat with your bare hands if you find one like I did laying on your lawn.  Use heavy duty leather work gloves and make sure the bat is dead prior to touching one at any time.

The bat in my photograph was almost dead and was rather angry when I put it on a wooden board to take it's final photograph; hence the reason it is bearing it's teeth.

Bat guano can also be purchased at feed and seed stores, home improvement stores and on-line.

Photo of Bat Guano (poop)

Remember: When handling any type of animal dung make sure you wear gloves and wash your hands very well after you have been working in your garden.

If you do have bats in your home attic, please call a professional exterminator to eliminate your bat problem. These are wild animals and they can be dangerous. Not to mention that having to get rabies shots are not fun.

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Body and Organ Donation is Frugal

How can donating your organs and body be a frugal thing to do you ask? Well, the answer is simple; you are helping other people to live. ...