Sunday, October 2, 2016

Bat Guano and Gardens

Long Eared Bat Copyright 2016 MSargent
BATS!  I really do not know anyone who likes them.  I found this little guy on the ground in my yard. Just look at those teeth.

Since Halloween is coming I thought this would be a fun article to write.

Bat guano (poop) is a great fertilizer in your garden as it is comprised of a large amount of nitrogen which speeds up the growth process of your garden plants.  It also speeds up decomposition in your compost pile.

Like rabbit dung, you would want to make a tea out of the bat guano this way you get the fertilizer down to the roots of your plant.  Never pour any type of fertilizer tea on top of your plants, pour it on the base of your plants.

Bat Guano Tea or Poop Soup

In a 5 gallon bucket fill it about 1/2 way with bat guano.  Fill the rest of the bucket with water and let it steep in the hot sun for a day. The next day ladle your poop tea along the base of your plants.

You can easily make bat houses and place them around your yard on trees so you can collect the bat dung on the ground.  You would collect the dung during the day while the bats are sleeping. One thing for sure is you do not want bats inside of your attic as their urine and guano can destroy your home.

Bats are both good and bad.

Good:  They eat a lot of bugs especially mosquitoes, their guano or dung is a great fertilizer.

Bad:  They have a tendency to have rabies, they can live in attics and old houses ruining the structures.

WARNING: Never touch a live bat with your bare hands if you find one like I did laying on your lawn.  Use heavy duty leather work gloves and make sure the bat is dead prior to touching one at any time.

The bat in my photograph was almost dead and was rather angry when I put it on a wooden board to take it's final photograph; hence the reason it is bearing it's teeth.

Bat guano can also be purchased at feed and seed stores, home improvement stores and on-line.

Photo of Bat Guano (poop)

Remember: When handling any type of animal dung make sure you wear gloves and wash your hands very well after you have been working in your garden.

If you do have bats in your home attic, please call a professional exterminator to eliminate your bat problem. These are wild animals and they can be dangerous. Not to mention that having to get rabies shots are not fun.

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