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Dangers of taking Supplements

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We have seen commercials on television with actors pushing dietary supplements.  These advertisements state that the "supplement contains the USP seal of approval".  Of course the letters 'USP' are visible on each bottle.

What is the USP?

The USP was established by eleven doctors back in 1820. Of course these original eleven doctors are all dead now and there are no names that can be found on who they were.  The USP is stating they are a non-profit organization, the USP states that they 'set the standard' for supplements, medications and the purity thereof.  Actually, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) should be doing this.  Hence the name Food and Drug Administration.

I visited the USP website Interestingly enough, when I clicked on "Learn about USP Dietary Supplements" which is located half way down the page on the right hand side, the next screen states "The page you are looking for has moved or does not exist"

Does this mean that dietary supplements are no longer so called regulated by the USP?  One has to remember, all dietary supplements are not regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) which should be regulating these supplements.

All a dietary supplement company has to do is to submit a one page report to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the FDA doesn't have to do a thing, such as approve the chemical structure of the individual supplement which is rather important.

Recent News on Calcium Supplements causing Heart Problems

It became public on October 11, 2016, that Calcium supplements can cause calcium buildup in the heart and in the arteries of the heart. In turn, these calcium buildups are causing heart attacks and strokes.

Commercials with middle aged healthy looking women state they take Calcium supplements to help make their bones less brittle and to prevent osteoporosis.  The sad part is, if you are at risk for getting osteoporosis it is due to your DNA makeup.

Why take a Dietary Supplement?

There is no need for any person to take a dietary supplement which is made up of nothing but chemicals. Just read the label of ingredients and then look them up. This should be enough to scare you to stop taking these supplements which do absolutely nothing but put poisons in our bodies.

One has to remember that no two people have the same metabolism, DNA, molecular make-up and the list goes on.  What may be alright for one person to take may not be alright for another person to take and could, in fact, be poisoning.

Eat Healthy

If we all eat healthy food choices such as drinking whole milk, green vegetables, fruits and cut down on sugars and salt there just may be less health issues that a person has to endure.


When I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes I was not surprised as it runs in my family.  In three (3) months I had my sugar levels back to normal.  How did I do it?

  1. I stopped eating pre-packaged foods
  2. I stopped eating canned foods
  3. I stopped eating processed foods
  4. I eat only fresh or frozen vegetables
  5. I eat only fresh fruit (not frozen)
  6. I use a multitude of spices instead of salt
  7. I stopped eating fast food and eating in restaurants
It is difficult to change a diet but if you want to regulate how your body is reacting to what you put in it you have to change eating habits in order to be as healthy as you can.

Remember, if you eat healthy choices there is no need to take a supplement which is full of chemicals.  Why make supplement companies rich when you are taking something that is harmful to your body making you sick?

Be smart and eat smart.  Teach your children now how to eat healthy choices and stay away from restaurants and fast food chains; not to mention taking supplements which have absolutely no regulation whatsoever.

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