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Homemade Condiments

Tartar Sauce
If you do not use certain condiments all of the time such as Tartar Sauce, Russian Dressing and Honey Mustard, why waste your money and the product by purchasing a bottle of it.

Many times certain special condiments such as mentioned above are purchased in an expensive bottle when more than likely you already have the makings in your refrigerator to begin with.  Why waste money on a condiment you use infrequently when you can make it; just open your refrigerator.

If you have honey, mayonnaise, ketchup, pickle relish or sliced pickles, horseradish and hot sauce in your refrigerator, there are endless ways to mix these ingredients to make special condiments.

Tartar Sauce

Mayonnaise (not Miracle Whip)
Pickle Relish or pickles (dice up the pickles)
Lemon Juice

I am not putting down exact measurements since each person likes certain condiments their own way not to mention you just may want enough for one or two servings at a time.

Russian Dressing

Mayonnaise (not Miracle Whip)
Pickle Relish or Pickles (dice up the pickles)

Honey Mustard



If you have stale bread don't throw it to the birds.  Make Croutons.

Cut the crust from the stale bread
Cut the bread into crouton size squares
Spread evenly on a baking sheet
Sprinkle with Garlic, Oregano, Thyme or any of your favorites
Drizzle with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Place in a 350 degree oven for 15 to 17 minutes
Let cool completely
Store in an air tight container

Bacon Bits

Store bought Bacon Bits are certainly not healthy for you as they are not made from bacon.

Cook your bacon low and slow
Cook the bacon just until it is crispy but not burnt
*Always take the bacon out of the pan a little early as the bacon will continue cooking while it is cooling
Place the bacon on paper towels to drain off the fat and to cool
Chop up the bacon into small pieces
Place parchment paper or wax paper on a baking sheet
Evenly spread your homemade Bacon Bits on the baking sheet in a single layer
Place in the freezer for a couple of hours
Remove your frozen bacon bits and put in a freezer bag
Put your Bacon Bits back into the freezer

Now when you want a little bacon on your salad or other cooking recipes you have real homemade Bacon Bits.

Save Money

When purchasing the above condiments already pre-mixed at the grocery store the average cost is $4 to $5 for each small container. If you have the ingredients already purchased and paid for why not do a quick mix and you have just saved yourself some money.

The price of specialty condiments adds up.  Also through making your own specialty condiments you can make the exact amount needed for your meal.

If you like spicy condiments add some Tabasco or Horseradish for a little kick.


Horseradish is a root and not only spreads but comes back every year so there is always an abundance of it.  Not to mention you can make it up in a large batch, place your homemade horseradish in jelly size canning jars and freeze it.  It makes a great gift too. There is nothing like a special homemade food product or spice to give as a gift.

How to make Horseradish

Warning:  Make your Horseradish OUTSIDE in the fresh air NOT inside. 

Always Wear Gloves

Don't touch your face because you do not want to have horseradish in your eyes.

Cut the greens off the top of your horseradish root and wash the root to remove all of the dirt.

Peel the outer skin of your root

Chop the root into small pieces and place in your blender with some White Vinegar.  Blend away.  Vary the amount of vinegar to how much of the root you are blending.  Blend and add until you get the right consistency.

There, you just saved another $4 to $5 and you made it yourself.

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