Saturday, October 8, 2016

Dangers of Canned Red Kidney Beans

I first want you to look at the ingredients that are in the canned red kidney beans:

*Calsium Disodium ETDA - added to help promote color retention

Also known as Ethylenediaminetetracetic Acid

This ingredient is a made up of:

Sodium Cyanide
Ethylene Diamine

This is a POISON which is added to many food products such as soda, salad dressings, meat spreads and even pickles.  What it does is prevents fat from separating from the food, it prevents food product from becoming rancid (rotten) and keeps the color of the food to make it "pretty".

Wow, it's bad enough that not only is Calsium Disodium ETDA added to this can of beans (which is so convenient) there is also Corn Syrup is 100% glucose (sugar) which is certainly not good for diabetics let alone any one to eat.

Calcium Chloride has also been added to this can of red kidney beans.  Calcium Chloride is used in road maintenance, ice melt, making cement, cheese and beer.

If you want to eat healthy one certainly would not want to feed your family, including your children these poisons over and over again just because opening a can is more convenient than cooking dry bag of red kidney beans.  

Now, let's look at the bag of dried red kidney beans

Ingredients:  Red Kidney Beans

Wow, nothing that is a chemical.  Nothing to harm your body, just dried red kidney beans.  No added sugars, no Formaldehyde, no Sodium Cyanide, no Ethelyne Diamine and no Ice Melt.

Is it not a wonder why people have been coming down with more cancers and more children (an average of 3 in every classroom) has a learning disability such as ADD and ADHD not to mention Autism.

Be Healthy and cook up a bag of red kidney beans the next time you want to make chili or have a bowl of beans.  Is convenience of opening a can of poison really worth feeding your family?

So, your choice:  A can of Red Kidney Beans that is full of poison for dinner or a bag of dried kidney beans which is simply dried red kidney beans with nothing added and is extremely easy to cook.

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