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How to use Freezer Burned Beef

Don't throw out Freezer Burned Beef

We all have had freezer burned meat in our freezers.  Most people just throw this meat out.

Don't throw it out it is still good believe it or not.  It is all in how you prepare it so it tastes like it should.  Here are some ways you can cook freezer burned beef so you are not throwing away good food and your money.
The best way to spice up your freezer burned beef is to use Cumin. Cumin lends a wonderful smokey flavor to beef.  Rub on Cumin onto your thawed beef and it will get rid of that freezer burned taste.
  • Make Beef Jerky
  • Slice it thin and marinade it for 24 hours. Then cook in a stir fry and serve over rice
  • Cut it into chunks and marinade for 24 hours with cumin and Worcester sauce or hot sauce.  Make chili
  • Cut it up and put it in a beef stew with non freezer burned beef
  • Make sure you slow cook your beef and marinade it. 

Prevent Freezer Burn

The best way to prevent freezer burn is to reseal all meat purchases. Remove the meat from the original package and place it in a small freezer bag removing as much air as you can.

Wrap your meat in freezer paper.  Meat wrapped in freezer paper can last up to a year in your freezer.

Use a vacuum sealer.  Vacuum sealers are a fool proof way to preserve your meat purchases.  Since all of the air is removed from the plastic bag your meat is sealed tight.  This is a great purchase to make as it will pay for itself in saving you money in the long run. No more wasted food.  These vacuum sealers are great for freezing vegetables too.

*Always rotate your freezer food.  When you purchase new food to place in your freezer put the new food on the bottom and move the older frozen food to the top.

Saving money is a good thing in this economy.  Make sure you are rotating your freezer food.  Prior to going to the grocery store check your freezer and see what is buried in there.  If you see any food product that is starting to become freezer burned take it out and thaw it to use for your next day's meal.

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