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Homemade Yogurt - Eat Healthy

This is a photograph of the back of an Activia Yogurt label.  We all see the commercials on television on how Activia helps "the angry gut".  Now I am not picking on Activia or singling this particular yogurt out.  What I am doing is showing you, my readers, how unhealthy manufactured yogurt is.

Look at the Arrows
*Sugar - Dried Cane Syrup (sugar)

Recommended Sugar intake Per Day

Women - 100 calories / 25 [g]rams / 6 teaspoons
Men -  150 calories / 37.5 [g]rams / 9 teaspoons

If you look at this label you see there are 30g in this one little container of yogurt.  This has surpassed the healthy recommended sugar intake for the entire day.  Then during the day there are more sugars that you are eating in other foods.  There is no wonder people have diabetes and are obese.

Agar Agar

This is a jelly made from certain types of algae.  It is used as a thickener, sizing for paper and fabrics, appetite suppressant and laxative. It is also very common in vegetarian processed foods.


Also made from algae.  Carrageenan is used for thickening purposes and it too is a laxative.  (No wonder Activia is saying you'll loose weight and feel better) You have double the laxative.


This is a red all natural dye that is made from crushed dried bodies of the the Caramine Beetle.  Caramine is used in most manufactured and processed food as well as lipstick and other makeup products. The Caramine Beetle red dye has been used for centuries to dye yarn and fabrics.

Believe it or not the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) does allow a certain amount of bugs in all manufactured foods due to the fact it is impossible to keep the bugs out.

Homemade Yogurt Facts        Processed Yogurt Facts

103 Calories                             220 Calories
0 Fat                                        25 Fat Calories
0 Sugar                                    30 Grams Sugar
57% Carbohydrates                  14% Carbohydrates
43% Protein                             14% Protein

As you can see Homemade Yogurt is a whole lot healthier than manufactured yogurt.  Homemade yogurt is best made with whole milk and not 2% milk.  Besides, whole milk is healthier for your body.

Yogurt Machines

Making yogurt is extremely simple with the use of a yogurt maker which costs anywhere from $25 upward to less than $100.  It all depends on how much yogurt you want to make at a time.  There are even frozen yogurt machines.

In one day you can make 4 cups of healthy sugar free yogurt.  Yes, your homemade yogurt comes out plain however, add your favorite fresh fruit and herbs and you have a healthy alternative to manufactured yogurt.  Any questions?

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  1. awesome article. Yes, its no wonder we are an obese nation. We have a horrible sweet tooth.

    1. Thank you my friend for the kudos on my article. We do have a sweet tooth but we can eat healthier choices instead of all the manufactured crap.


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