Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Clean and Clear your Home and Mind

Everything Has a Place

If you live in a cluttered home this clutters your life, your mind and your health.

A cluttered home causes unnecessary stress in your life. Stress in turn causes health issues which causes doctor appointments and money out of your pocket.  Not to mention if you are stressed about your home you are most certainly going to be stressed at work and you will not be as productive as you can be.

How to effectively clean and unclutter your home and life.

As mentioned in my previous post you have to pick one room at a time. Concentrate on that one room until everything is entirely cleaned and everything is put in it's appropriate place.

  • If you have family they can help. Make it a family affair as this is certainly teaching your children how to keep their rooms clean
  • Grab your trash can and start throwing out any and all trash
  • Wipe down all table tops with a nice smelling cleaner. This includes bookcases, windowsills, televisions etc
  • Vacuum the floor, chairs and couch. Don't forget to clean under the couch cushions as I bet you'll find food and money.
  • Clear the cobwebs out of the corners of the ceiling
  • Go through what you removed from the room and decide if you actually need it in that room. 
  • Clean windows inside and out
  • Wash your curtains
Need vs. Want:  Need is something that benefits how you want to live frugally and want is wanting something that has absolutely no purpose.
  • Your room should not only look clean and uncluttered but smell clean and be pleasant to your eyes.
Closets - Bedrooms - Home Office
  • Remove everything from the room. These rules go for all of your home's closets. 
  • Make piles: donate, throw away, yard sale
  1. Doesn't fit - donate
  2. Haven't worn or used in 2 years - donate your clothes
  3. Broken, ripped, stained - throw away
  4. Duplicates - donate one or throw out if it no longer works
  5. Mismatched socks? Use them as cleaning rags. This will cut down on purchasing paper towels. Be Frugal.
  6. Throw away any broken toys
  7. Donate all outgrown clothing if they are gently used. Otherwise throw them out.
  8. Donate outgrown toys if they are not broken and gently used.
  9. Put appropriate toys in their proper place. Purchase organizers if need be such as totes or rolling organizers.
  10. Put back what you need and donate what you do not need 
Keep closets, counter tops, windows and windowsills clean, keep all floors clean and clear. 

If you use something put it back where you got it from. Everything has a place and everything is put back in it's place.

Once you have uncluttered and organized your home and every room and closet in it you will be amazed at how destressed you will feel.  You will find you will be more productive.  You will save money because you know where everything is and you are not hunting to find the remote or have to purchase another one.

Unclutter and free your mind. 

(c) 2017 Michelle Sargent

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