Saturday, January 21, 2017

Get Organized for better Frugality

Clutter is Procrastination

One of the rules of thumb in being frugal is to be organized. If you are not organized how can you be frugal?

Living a cluttered lifestyle is the same definition of being a procrastinator; I'll do it tomorrow. Many people who live in a cluttered lifestyle do not know what they really have because they purchase twice the amount of "things" or "stuff" that they don't really need.

Clean your Clutter and Free your Mind

  • Clutter causes Stress
  • A cluttered kitchen makes you want to go out to eat instead of cooking healthy home cooked meals
  • Do you park your vehicle outside of your garage? Then clean and organize your garage
  • Clutter can cause you to not relax in your own home
  • Clutter at home causes clutter at work so you are working longer hours to play "catch up"
  • Clutter can cause an unwanted trip and fall causing you a trip to the emergency room
  • You do not make repairs to your home because there is clutter in the way. 
  • You purchase more toys for your children because your children can't find their own toys.
Unclutter Tips for the Kitchen

To be frugal and unclutter the right way take one room at a time so you do not get discouraged and quit. Let's start in the kitchen because the kitchen in the 'Heart' of your home.  It is where the family sits together (or should be) to have a family meal. The kitchen is where healthy homemade dinners are made with love.
  • Start with counter tops and clear and clean them off with Clorox water to get rid of any possible contaminants. Clorox also gives a clean smell to the kitchen
  • Throw out the trash
  • Clean your trash can and disinfect it
  • Clean your cabinets: Check dates on food and if expired throw the food out. Clean up your spices. Scrub your cabinets down so they are clean
  • Sort the silver wear and clean the silver wear holder
  • Clean all the drawers
  • Throw out nasty old pots and pans you no longer use because you have new pots and pans
  • Throw out chipped dishes and glasses. Someone is going to get hurt.
  • Do you have canisters you do not use? Use them or donate them to a second hand store
  • Clean out and scrub down your refrigerator and freezer. There is nothing worse than a disgusting refrigerator and freezer with dried up food all over the shelves. Don't forget to clean the gaskets. Clean refrigerator gaskets not only help your doors close tight you are getting rid of mildew and food spills.
Are you following me?  Clean the entire kitchen!  Once your kitchen is clean of clutter and trash you and your family will not only want to sit down and have a meal together but you will want to cook dinner for your family.

Your family can help with cleaning the kitchen. Make it a family organization day. Not to mention you are teaching your children how to be responsible and that chores do need to be done to keep a tidy, organized, clean and unstressed family. 

Once your kitchen is clean keep it clean.  By wiping up spills and doing the dishes after each meal your kitchen will remain clean and uncluttered. Wash your kitchen floor once a week.  

Now that the kitchen is clean and organized what's for dinner?

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