Thursday, January 5, 2017

How Companies are Wasting Your Money

Photo Credit Michelle Sargent

As you can see by the top photograph this ham (not bone-in) has 23% weight added to it. This added weight is basically water that is injected into the ham at the meat packing plant.

Now, look at the photograph to the left.  The price per pound is $1.39.

The ham weighs 7.89 pounds
Cost $1.29 per pound
Total Cost $10.97

Let's deduct the added weight

The Actual ham weighs 6.07 pounds (water not added)
Cost is $1.29 per pound
Actual cost should be $ 8.45

This is a difference of $2.52 that you should be saving instead of paying.

These meat packing plants and the name brands they are packing food for are ripping off the public by $2.52 for each ham that is sold.  This $2.52 is profit that the manufacturing plant is making on each ham.  This adds up to hundreds of thousands of dollars for both Thanksgiving and Christmas sales each year.

There is absolutely no need to add any water to these hams as ham is naturally juicy.

Now salt is added to preserve the ham keeping it from spoiling. Salt was used to dehydrate and preserve all types of meats for thousands of years.  The added water does not make this ham any less salty tasting.

I wanted my readers to understand how much food we are actually not purchasing as well as the extra money we are all giving to the manufacturers and brand names.  Be mindful of what you are purchasing.

If there is any way you can purchase a hog from a local farmer please do.  Put that money into the farmer's pocket instead of the large corporations.  I can guarantee you this is pure profit and not one bit of these profits are being used for pay increases.

The more you know.

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