Tuesday, January 24, 2017

How to Make Extra Money

It is Easier than you Think

We all can use extra money right? I bet you did not know you have extra money already in your home.  Here are ten ways you can make extra money to put in your piggy bank.  Be Frugal!

  1. Have a Yard Sale
  2. Sell items on eBay, Amazon or Craigslist. If you have broken toys or bicycles and lawnmowers that are broken you can make money by selling these instead of throwing them out. There are many people that can repair small engines and bicycles. There are artists that use old broken toys. You are helping out others in turn to make extra money.
  3. What are your hidden talents: Blog, write a book, paint, photographer etc.
  4. Run errands for $5.00
  5. Get a better job
  6. Become a part time virtual assistant if you have office skills
  7. Learn a new skill such as photography or jewelry making and sell your photographs and jewelry online. This can be done part time.
  8. Are you bilingual? Become a translator part time
  9. Go to yard sales and resell items at your own yard sale, eBay, Craigslist. My sister and I used to do this and in September we would sell everything we bought at yard sales and this would be our Christmas money.
  10. Change Banks. Look into a credit union that will help build your credit. Check out different banks and find out which is the best bank with high interest rates on savings accounts and one that has no extra fees.
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