Friday, January 27, 2017

How to Prepare Meals for the Week

 Scramble Eggs for Burritos

Everyone likes a good breakfast burrito. Homemade breakfast burritos are not only easy to prepare for the week they are healthier and cheaper than purchasing them on the way to work. Be Frugal. In one day you can prepare an entire week's meals.

Homemade Breakfast Burritos

Scramble 6 eggs with mushrooms, onions, celery (yes celery it's healthy) and any meat you like.  The meat can be hamburger, ham slices, turkey or chicken slices or chunks from a leftover meal.

Then simply take a tortilla add a slice of cheese and your eggs with or without meat. Roll up the tortilla and wrap in saran wrap.  Once you have made and wrapped your burritos place them in a ziploc bag in your refrigerator.  Simply take one out and take it to work for your breakfast or they can be used for a different meal.


It is so easy to scramble hamburger with all of your favorite spices and make meatballs if you so choose.

Scrambled hamburger can be used in your breakfast burritos for a meat, in spaghetti sauce and you can place your scrambled hamburger in ziploc bags and place the extra in the freezer for another meal.

Hard Boiled Eggs

You can never go wrong with having hard boiled eggs in your refrigerator.  They can be made into deviled eggs, eaten for a snack, made into egg salad and sliced to put into salads.

Pre-Cut Onions

Do you like onions and use them in your meals? Take a couple of onions chop them up and put them in a ziploc bag or plastic container.  These pre-cut onions will last you up to two weeks.

Salad for a Week

Cut veggies, chunks of cheese, cherry tomatoes and greens. Put in a boiled egg. Place in individual containers and you have lunch or a snack for your children when they come home. Remember that you need to put your salad dressing in a separate container so you can dip or pour over your pre-made salads or your greens will wilt.

Note:  if you are placing your pre-made meals in plastic bags remember to remove as much air as you can so your pre-made meals will stay fresh for the week.

Eat Healthy Be Frugal

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  1. What a nice gift this morning, easy-to-use recipes. Thank you my friend.

  2. Hi Bill. Thank you for your comment. Yes I love easy, frugal and healthy. Not to mention saving time. Thank you my friend.


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