Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Cell Phone Savings and more Frugal Tips

Saving Money is Easier than you Think

The best part about being frugal is being able to save money. Remember, being frugal is living more with what you already have.

Extra Change

Every day, if you have extra change in your pocket or wallet put it in a piggy bank. Placing $1.00 each day into your piggy bank you will have $365 saved at the end of the year.  You will have even more money saved if you place $1.00 plus any change you have after breaking a dollar and put it all in your little bank.

Telephone Savings

Do you really need that $600 new phone with a 2 year contract and your phone bill is several hundred dollars each month? Are you on a family plan with multiple phones that your children have?

Ditch that expensive phone and purchase a TracPhone where you add minutes.  Pinzoo.com is an inexpensive way to purchase the minutes and you get triple minutes on each purchase.
  • Straight Talk $45/month unlimited
  • Boost Mobil $30/month unlimited
  • Metro PCS $30/month unlimited
  • Cricket Wireless $35/month with auto payments
  • Virgin Mobil $35/month unlimited
  • T-Mobil $70/month or 4 lines for $160/month no taxes or fees
Cable Television

Do you really need that cable television bill? How many channels do you actually watch? I be you stick to one or two channels out of the hundred you have to pick from. 

There is really no reason to even have cable television. Most people only have their one or two "go to" channels or are too tired to even watch television.

Ditch the cable on your television and get a rabbit ear antennae that sticks to the back of your television.  You will have ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and just may be able to pick up an extra channel for FREE.  Free is much better than having to pay the cable every month. This is an overall savings of an additional $1,200.00 per year. 

$100/month x 12 months = $1,200.00 per year savings not having cable.

Shop Second Hand

It is amazing the clothes you can find at second hand stores. Much of the clothing is brand new with the tags still on. You can find new shoes at these stores as well. Purchasing the gently used clothing is providing you options to update your own wardrobe.  While you are there bring in your own gently used clothing, shoes, handbags, scarfs and donate them for others to purchase. This is also a great way to get rid of the items that you are not using, never used and will never use again.  Share your wealth.

Shopping second hand stores is like walking into a vault of gold sometimes. You can find coffee makers, slow cookers, material for your sewing projects, books, silverware; you name it.

Left Overs

Be creative with the leftovers in your refrigerator.  The biggest waste in America is throwing out perfectly good food.  Why? 
  • Make homemade baby food
  • Freeze your leftovers for another day
  • Take leftovers for lunch
  • Take leftovers to work and share with your co-workers. Someone you work with just might be hungry.
  • Clean out your refrigerator of leftovers once a week and have a banquet dinner. 
There is no reason to throw out any of your leftovers. Food is food and food is expensive.  Look at the money you are saving by reheating your leftovers. You have already purchased the food and cooked it so it is better to eat it than to have to waste it. 

What are your thoughts?

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