Friday, January 13, 2017

How to use Freezer Burned Chicken

Freezer Burned Chicken

We have all had this happen. When cleaning out our freezers we find at the bottom freezer burned meat.  We then end up throwing this meat out.

The rule of thumb is if the freezer burned meat is really discolored (dark brown or hard white patches) then throw it out.  If it is covered in ice crystals such as this chicken breast it is still good to cook and eat.

The best way to cook freezer burned chicken is to let it thaw and then put it in your crockpot.

Next you can either cover it with BBQ Sauce and a little water added and cook it on low until the chicken is cooked. You can also cook it on low in water add your favorite spices and it will cook like pulled chicken for chicken sandwiches.

Make a chicken pot pie or a soup.  Cook the chicken in your crockpot on low with added water until cooked.  Dice it up, add cream soup and frozen vegetables.  With a single breast like this, place your chicken pot pie in muffin tins for individual servings.

You can still make chicken soup from freezer burned chicken. Again, place the chicken in your crockpot and add water and your favorite vegetables and spices.  Let it cook slow all day and you have soup.  Add a little flower and water mix to the soup and you have chicken stew. Or add dumplings on the top for chicken and dumpling soup.

I hope these ideas help you in saving money.

Always remember to rotate your meat in your freezer.

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