Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Uses for Homemade Broth

Canned Homemade Broth
Canned Broth

Canning your chicken, beef or vegetable broth is a great way to store it safely if you do not have any room in the freezer.

Canning your homemade broth requires the purchase of a hot water bath which can be found on Amazon at Walmart and if you are lucky enough in an antique store.  Purchasing a hot water bath in a antique store will be much cheaper than buying one brand new. These do not come cheap but are well worth having as a must have for the kitchen and being frugal.

When I make homemade soups I always hold back about a cup or two and freeze each cup of broth separately. This is what I do with that special cup of broth:

  • Add it to my new batch of soup for a richer broth
  • Cook rice with the broth
  • Add the broth to mashed potatoes to perk up the taste
  • Add the broth to roasts and chili
  • Steam vegetables in the broth
These are the ones that came off the top of my head.  What other ways can you think of using your homemade soup broth? If you have any more ideas please leave them in the comment section.

Tip:  Each time you make a homemade soup keep saving back a cup or two of the broth then add it to the next batch of soup you are making.  You will find you will end up with a wonderful rich broth for your next batch of soup.  

I hope you have enjoyed this tip.  I encourage you as a frugal person to have no wasted food products and making homemade soup is easy, healthy and nutritious.

Thank you for reading. 

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