Monday, February 6, 2017

Consolidate your Family

Do you have a large house

You may have a large house or an extra bedroom or two.  Why not invite your older children to come back home to live.

Rules would have to be set such as paying rent, sharing utilities, sharing groceries and sharing maintenance expenses.

There are many adult children who are finding it very difficult to be able to save enough money to pay their bills while living on their own. Through consolidating your family once again and with your adult children having a full time job why not consolidate.

Saving money and sharing expenses is a frugal way of life in these current times. It is simple, if your adult children do not want to pay rent or part of the utilities and groceries then they will just have to learn to live on their own.  Right?

Through letting your adult children move back in with you you are saving money and they are saving money so they can be better off living independently.

Aging Parents?

You may consider either moving into your aging parents house or visa versa. This will save money especially if your parents have paid off their home as there will be no mortgage. However, you would have to chip in and take care of your parents which in turn will save money by not putting them into a nursing home.

The money you would normally be paying for your own mortgage can be used to help with maintenance on your parents house, sharing expenses and utilities and groceries.  Your parents took care of you, why not take care of your parents.

Something to consider.  What are your thoughts? Let's discuss.

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  1. Our kids keep coming back, so I guess that falls under the word "consolidate." LOL

  2. lol yes it does Bill. Do they contribute when they are home?


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