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Dehydrating Frozen Vegetables

2 Bags of Frozen Peas equals 1 Qt Dried
Keeping Frozen Food Edible

Why would you want to dehydrate frozen vegetables? Well, this is because even though frozen vegetables are flash frozen they can still become freezer burned.

Save your Vegetables

We all get a frozen bag of mixed vegetables or peas lost in our freezer.  When we finally find that lost bag of once perfectly good frozen vegetables it ends up looking like this.

A freezer burnt glob of vegetables that will taste terrible. Next step is to throw away a once perfectly frozen bag of food.

Purchase - Thaw - Dehydrate

If you have a small freezer this method of preserving your frozen vegetables is perfect and there will be no more food waste.

Once you purchase your frozen bag of mixed vegetables or peas (I mention the mixed vegetables and peas because they dehydrate the best. Although all vegetables can be dehydrated.) open the bag and pour the contents into a colander to thaw and drain off the water.

Once the vegetables are thawed simply spread them out inside your dehydrator and start the dehydrating process.

Note: Vegetables are safely dehydrated when they become hard

After the dehydrating process simply place your dehydrated vegetables in a canning jar making sure the lid is tight.

*You are saving money by not throwing out perfectly good food that was forgotten in the freezer.

*You are getting rid of any bacteria on the once frozen vegetables.

*You are making space in your freezer for other items such as homemade meatballs.

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