Monday, February 6, 2017

How to Save by Commuting to Work

How You can Save by Commuting

Commuting to work is costly. You are spending more money in fuel, maintenance and tires on your vehicle. Plus there is more pollution going into the atmosphere.

Have you ever calculated what you are spending by driving by yourself everyday to and from work?

Here is a website that will help you calculate what you spend each year in fuel. You will have to add in maintenance and tires.

Carpooling or Ride Sharing

Even if you do not have a fellow employee who lives near you you can easily carpool or ride share with others.

Take the Bus

If you are just going to and from work and considering you do not have to carry tools or groceries, why not take the bus.

Commuter Train/Light Rail

Most larger cities have commuter trains and light rail trains. All you have to do is drive a short distance to the train depot and take the train to and from work.

Ride Sharing for Grocery Shopping

We all have to go to the grocery store at least once a week or every other week to stock up on our groceries.  Why not take a neighbor with you?  Then the next week or so your neighbor will drive.

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