Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Saving Money with Bulk Hamburger

Purchasing Bulk Hamburger

Purchasing your hamburger in bulk is cheaper than purchasing it in one pound packages.

My grocery store grinds up steaks and roasts that they can no longer sell, however, the meat is still good. Selling the newly ground hamburger for $1.99/lb (per pound). They also sell the chubs of hamburger but personally, I would rather have the fresh ground since it is healthier.

Ask your local grocery store if they have any freshly ground hamburger they will sell in bulk as you can purchase it for $1.99/lb (per pound) and you know that you are getting freshly ground steaks and roast instead of manufactured hamburger.
Cooking the Hamburger

Scramble your hamburger with the spices that you like such as onions and garlic. Once each pan is scrambled drain the grease from the cooked hamburger in a colander.
Note: After each cooked pan stir the hamburger together. This way all the spices will mix together and it will cool faster.

Wait until all of the hamburger has drained and completely cooled. If your hamburger is not completely cooled it will cause condensation in your bags which will invite bacteria to grow. 
Cool and Bag

Once Cooled place in quart size freezer bags. I like to put three slotted spoon fulls in each bag.

Making sure the cooked hamburger is evenly in the freezer bag and fills the corners, tightly roll the bag from bottom to top squeezing out excess air. This will ensure your cooked hamburger does not develop freezer burn.

Once you have all of your bags filled and rolled tightly you can now place the individual smaller bags inside of a gallon freezer bag. This way you just have to pull out one bag for your individual meals. Mark the outside of the larger bag so you know what it contains.

Note: Placing the smaller bags into a larger freezer bag also ensures that you have your cooked hamburger all in one place and it is easily found.

Original Purchase                             

7.61 pounds
$15.14 total cost

I ended up with 10 bags of cooked hamburger
$15.14 divided by 10 = $1.51 per bag per meal

Had I purchased a smaller amount of raw hamburger the cost would be nearly $4.00 per pound.

Note: You can purchase bulk hamburger and repackage it raw. However, I have found that doing this will cause freezer burn much quicker than cooking the hamburger before hand and then freezing it.

You can also make pre-cooked meatballs. Freeze them individually on freezer paper. Once frozen place the desired amount of pre-cooked meatballs in smaller freezer bags repeating the steps above for storage.

Making your own meatballs and freezing them is so much healthier than the "mystery meat" meatballs you purchase in the freezer section of your grocery store.

I hope this article was a big help.

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