Sunday, February 5, 2017

Shop Big Think Frugal

One Roast Multiple Meals

I certainly do not need to cook a 7 pound roast for just one person. However, purchasing one large roast yields several meals.

Price Per Pound

When shopping for meat look at the price per pound and compare this price with roasts that are pre-marinated. You will find that purchasing a larger roast will save you $1.00 per pound as the pre-marinated smaller roasts are more costly.

Several Meals out of One

Needless to say, a small family couldn't eat an 8 pound roast let alone one person.  The important thing to think of is you do not want to cook so much meat that you and your family will get sick of eating all week long and it will end up in the trash can.

  • Cut the roast into smaller roasts
  • Cook one for dinner
  • Freeze the rest
Since the Butt Roast had a bone in it I was only able to get 3 smaller roasts. Two of which ended up in the freezer for additional meals. 

By cutting the roast into three smaller ones each roast ended up costing me $2.94.  This is a huge savings.

Purchase large and save on your meal planning.

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