Saturday, February 18, 2017

Keep Cooking Pans Clean

Clean the Bottom of your Pans

We cook and we clean our pans, however, how often to you really clean the bottom of your pans? I mean scrubbing the bottoms to get rid of built up grease? Far too often the bottom of our cooking pans seem to be forgotten.

Once they turn black with cooking grease and drippings have you ever noticed that your burners smoke? Well that is because the heat on the pan is baking on that already baked on grease.

By using a green scrubbing pad and some 'elbow grease' every time you wash your cooking pans always take the time to clean off the bottoms and remove all cooked on grease.

This will enable more even cooking in your pan plus you will not have 'burn spots' on the inside of your pan. No more smoking burners while you are cooking making your food and home taste bad.

Take care of your cooking pans and they will take care of you. Once you clean the bottom of your pan make sure you keep it clean every time you wash it.  If you keep your pans clean in this way you will always be cooking cleaner and you won't be wasting money by having to purchase new pans.

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