Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Tuna Contains Gluten

Soy in Tuna?

I was in the store the other day and picked up a single serve packet of tuna.  Not that I really eat tuna but I was having a craving for it. As I looked at the back of the single serve package I noticed it was made with Soy.  Every tuna packet or tuna can I picked up had soy.

Not Gluten Free

Tuna is not a good food to eat if you are trying to stick with a Gluten Free diet.

Vegetable Broth 

This is where the Soy comes in at.  Vegetable Broth, which was also listed, is used to cook the tuna in processing for packaging. Soy is commonly used to help make the Vegetable Broth.

Albacore Tuna

Albacore Tuna is a species of tuna that provide white flaky meat and is packaged as "White Meat". Non White Meat tuna  or "Chunk Light" is the product of the Skipjack fish; a smaller species of tuna and very abundant. The Skipjack tuna that is packaged is "Chunk Light" and is a darker and rather mushy meat instead of flaky.

Mercury Levels 

Unfortunately, Albacore Tuna is known to have large quantities of mercury.  The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has put out a consumption warning stating that one should eat Albacore Tuna only 6 ounces per week as it has .35 ppm (parts per million) versus 12 ounces of "Chunk Light" tuna consumption with .12 ppm of mercury.

Mercury is a poison to our bodies and our bodies process mercury slowly.

In conclusion, if you are on a gluten free diet check the label of your tuna packet or can.  If you see "Soy" run.  Unfortunately, the only way to get tuna that does not contain soy is to google your area and see what is available either online or at a organic store. Tuna that does not have soy is very expensive running $6 for a small can.

If you use Worcestershire Sauce, Mayonnaise and Soy Sauce these include Soy as well.  


  1. Very interesting M Sargent. You are doing a good job!
    Gluten is not good. Thanks for share, greetings from Mexico.

    1. Hi Romulo Vela. Greetings from South Dakota. Thank you for reading my article and the kudos. It is so nice to know people really are reading my blog. :) Have a wonderful day.


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