Friday, March 31, 2017

How to Inspire Others

Others Learn 
from You

It is a human fact that other people will look to their friends and family to learn how to act toward others.

Make everyday a day where you inspire someone to become a better person. Living a frugal life will make you humble. When I say humble I mean to live simply, want for nothing and teach others how to be humble, frugal and live a better life.

When a person is humble they live a happier life. Helping others should be a daily inspiration that you teach to your family, friends and even strangers.

Loving Yourself

There is absolutely nothing with loving who you are. If you can not love who you are then you need to rethink your life and find out what makes you happy.

If you are happy you are living a less stressful life, you appreciate the small things in life and you are ready to inspire others to live a happy and simple life.

Inspire one person every day of your life. Inspire someone with love and kindness. Inspire someone with humility. Inspire someone to teach how they can live a humble and happy life giving to others.

Loving yourself means you have confidence and are proud of what you have accomplished in your life. Loving yourself doesn't mean to go out into the world and flaunt yourself as being above others. We are not above each other, we are all equal as we are all humans.

Teach your Children Humility 

Children learn by their parents, their friend's parents and learn by the other children they hang out with.

Teach your children how to respect others. If you respect others on a daily basis your children will fall into your footsteps. Teach your children there isn't anything they can't do as there isn't anything they can't learn.

Teach your children how to treat others as they want to be treated. Teach them how to share and to teach others. When they grow up and become young adults they will pass on inspiration and humility to others.

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Gardening and Writing

Making Extra Income

Because of my container garden last year I was able to write a photographic journal of the entire life cycle of the Black Swallowtail Butterfly.

Available on Amazon for $.99 I was able to witness nature at it's best. From this beautiful butterfly laying her eggs to the four stages of caterpillar to the final stage of chrysalis.  

I have the chrysalis in my garage at this time and will put it out in the Spring when the weather gets warmer and hopefully I will be able to photograph it when it emerges from it's winter cloak.

Sitting and watching this beautiful butterfly landing on my oregano plant was not only relaxing I learned something new about Mother Nature so I wrote a book to share with the world. 

Gardens attract all kinds of insects and butterflies and bees are important for pollination as they fly from one flower to the next. Gardening is not only fun for adults it is fun for children as well. 

Teach your children about gardening and the wonderful, incredible and beautiful insects you will find in and around your garden.  Have them do some research on the insects they find so they in turn will learn to appreciate the importance of insects and the role that they play. They just might be able to write a book as well.

Mother Nature always gives.  If we just open our eyes and observe what is around us you will really be amazed at what you witness. You might be able to produce a photographic journal book. Make it a family affair so everyone can learn from your observation of Mother Nature.

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

How to Spring Clean

Purging your Junk

It never ceases to amaze me how much junk I end up accumulating over the years.  In this instance it had been three years since I purged my home.

Spring is the best time to dive in and start purging everything that is not needed, broken and torn, never used and doesn't have a purpose.

When you have a clean and uncluttered home you are actually cleaning and decluttering your mind as well. Less junk and clutter in your home leads to a happier place to come home to. Purge your home from attic to basement and even the yard.

Frugality is Simplicity

Remember that the main purpose in being a frugal person is living a simple life. You are no longer a "must have" consumer. You are a "as needed" consumer. When you are out shopping ask yourself

  • Do I really need this?
  • Do I really want this?
A need is something that will serve a specific purpose in your life where something that you want will not really serve any purpose at all.

How to Purge your Junk

Take each room at a time so you are not overwhelmed in doing your Spring cleaning. Assign your children their own bedrooms so they learn how to declutter as a clean room is less stressful on your children just like it is for adults. Don't forget to get your husband involved as well.

Use some plastic bins to sort while you clean. You can label them:

  • Garbage 
  • Yard Sale
  • Keep

Does it have a purpose?

Each item you pick up ask yourself if it really has a useful purpose. If the item does not have a specific purpose for your every day living then get rid of it and put it in one of the labeled bins.

Don't Stress when Purging

Purging your home and life should not be a stressful time it should be a pleasurable experience. Remember you are decluttering your home and decluttering your mind at the same time. You want to live in a stress free home especially if your job is stressful.

Donating is Frugal

When you are purging your clutter you will have items that can be and should be donated. You can donate to local second hand stores your gently used items. You can donate a non-working lawn mower to school programs where children are learning small engine repair or to someone who makes their income repairing small engines. Old bicycles can be donated to someone who repairs bicycles as well as school and prison programs. You can donate gently used toys that your children have outgrown to libraries for their play area.

Yard Sales are Frugal

Selling items that are no longer useful in your home not only helps other people who are looking for certain household items it is putting money back into your pocket. It's a win win for everyone. Anything that does not sell at your yard sale put it in a neat pile with a "Free" sign on it. Remember, there are many people who can't even afford to go to yard sales.

Found Money

After your yard sale you now have recouped money that you originally spent on the items you sold. This is very frugal. This found money should be put in a savings account for unexpected emergencies such as vehicle repairs, household repairs and medical emergencies.

I do hope you have found this article an easy way to learn how to Spring clean your home and purge it from everything that is unnecessary in your life.

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Friday, March 24, 2017

How to Prevent Mold in the Bathroom

Mold is Toxic

Mold lives everywhere as it is a living fungus.  Fungus thrives in warm wet areas which is why we all will find black or pink mold in our bathrooms.

If mold is not removed from your bathroom you will end up with not only a toxic mess but you just might end up refinishing your entire bathroom including the walls. Not to mention your family may get sick.

Mold will form around the corners of your bathtub and on the caulking if you do not clean your bathroom continuously and properly.  It will also grow around the base of your toilet if your toilet gasket is leaking.

How to Prevent Mold in the Bathroom

If you follow these simple steps you can get ahead of the mold that lurks in your bathroom.

Shower Curtains and Liners

Once a week wash your shower curtains and plastic liners with bleach in your washing machine. Bleach will kill the mold.

Bathtub Caulking

Spray bleach directly on the moldy caulking and let it sit for about 10 minutes. After the caulking has soaked scrub the caulking with an old toothbrush to remove the killed mold spores. Rinse with water and then try the caulking with a paper towel. If the mold remains repeat the bleach and scrubbing. If the mold is still there you may have to remove the old calking and re-caulk around your bathtub. Sometimes the mold is coming from behind your bathtub as it may be in the walls.

Mold at the base of your Toilet

More than likely, if you have mold growing at the base of your toilet you may have a leaking toilet gasket. These gaskets are made of a thin rubber and they do not last forever so you may have to replace the toilet gasket. This is simple and inexpensive maintenance.

You will want to catch a leaking toilet gasket early as you can so you do not end up with mold under your linoleum and into the sub-flooring. If this happens you will have to replace the entire floor of your bathroom. This can be expensive.

 Again, spray with bleach and let it soak for 10 minutes. Use the old toothbrush to scrub away the mold and dry completely with a paper towel.  If you see that there is water leaking around the base of your toilet you will need to replace your toilet gasket.

Mold under your Bathroom Sink

If you are finding mold growing under your bathroom sink then you more than likely have a leak in the pipes under your sink.  Check to make sure all fittings are tightened. Spray bleach on the pipes and entire sink cabinet. Let it soak for 10 minutes and scrub with a hard bristled brush or old toothbrush. Dry with a paper towel and keep the doors to the cabinet open to ensure complete drying.

Place a little bucket under the "U" trap to see if you do have a water leak and address the leaking pipe immediately.

Preventative Maintenance

After every shower or bath simply wipe down your shower walls and around the entire top of the tub. Keep your shower curtain open to ensure that your shower completely dries. Once a week wash down your entire bathroom with bleach to keep the mold spores away.

Make it a rule in your home that anyone using the shower cleans up after themselves. It only takes a minute to wipe down the walls of the shower.  Be proactive and keep your bathroom clean and mold free.

Note:  Another reason that mold grows in a bathroom is that your bathroom vent may either need to be cleaned or simply is no longer working. Maintenance is the key to keeping healthy.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Advertise on The Frugal Bible

Free Advertising 

The Frugal Bible is a unique website that I created late in 2016.

It is my hope and dream that I can bring frugality back to every day life. Living frugally has slowly died out over the years and I am successfully bringing it back to life.

I have a saying that came to me when I joined the U S Army at the age of 30 and that is simply "There isn't anything I can not do as there isn't anything I can not learn." This is such a true statement and I want the world to learn from my life experiences.

Never a Fee for Advertising

Because I believe in helping my fellow man and bringing humanity, love and caring back into our volatile world The Frugal Bible has a special page set up for anyone who would like to advertise.

Must Be a Legitimate Business

Since The Frugal Bible is a website devoted to helping others we want to help you advertise your legitimate business, homemade product(s) and even books you have written. The Frugal Bible will advertise for you for two (2) months. This doesn't mean you can't come back and advertise with us once again.

The Frugal Bible Reserves the Right to control the advertisements. We will not accept any illicit content of any type which includes but not limited to pornography or drugs.

Contact The Frugal Bible

All you have to do is contact us at Send us a link to your website or blog and explain your business to us and what you wish to achieve. Once we inspect your site we will be more than happy to help promote your legitimate site for you.

This is a great opportunity for you, my followers and readers to reach more people and increase your business. I'll be looking for your emails so what are you waiting for?

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Can you Change a Tire?

1910 Woman Changing Tire
Easy Car Repairs

One of the first things my dad taught me was how to change my own tire, change my own oil, check all of my vehicle's fluids and how to replace a battery. Dad always said "why pay someone to do something you can do yourself."

Dad is always right.

  • Change a tire
  • Change your Oil
  • Check your enging fluids
  • Replace a Battery
These easy DIY repairs and maintenance can be rather expensive when paying a mechanic to do something you can easily learn to do yourself. Not to mention hiring a tow truck when you have a flat tire and you are in the middle of nowhere. There are even some men that do not know how to maintain their own vehicles.

Vehicle Maintenance is Important

If you own a vehicle you need to maintain it so that you can always get to work, school, make an emergency run to the hospital or even take a road trip. 

If you do not check your oil and engine fluids on a monthly basis your engine could blow a rod due to the lack of oil that your engine needs to run properly. Your breaks could fail if your break fluid is low and your vehicle could overheat if there is not any fluid in your radiator. If this happens you will be looking for either very expensive engine repair or a new car. 

Ask for a Lesson

Ask your dad, brother or your local mechanic to show you how to change a tire, replace a battery, check your oil, replace your oil, check your radiator fluid and how to check your break fluid and transmission fluid.  

I can assure you that someone will teach you how to do these simple maintenance checks on your vehicle.  Do not be scared to get your hands and nails dirty as the dirt and grease will come off. 

Learning how to maintain your vehicle properly could even save your life someday. How? If you get a flat tire or your engine overheats on a deserted road or at night you never know who is going to stop and help you. 

Vehicle trunk Emergency Kit

Always keep in the trunk of your vehicle the following. 
  • Spare tire or donut tire which is good for at least 50 miles
  • Lug Wrench - Removes the lug nuts that holds the tire on
  • Jack to lift your vehicle for tire changes
  • Flashlight - Always check to make sure the batteries are working
  • Extra quart of oil that your vehicle uses
  • Gallon of water for the radiator in case your vehicle overheats
  • Rag
  • Blanket just in case it's cold and you can not do repairs or are stuck in the snow
  • Flair or Reflective Orange Cone or Triangle for safety. This way other vehicles can see that you are outside of your vehicle or need help in case of an emergency
  • White rag to tie on your vehicle antennae. This tells people your vehicle has broken down
  • Cell phone to call 911
Frugal means learning new things and taking care of what you own. It is always good to learn something new and in turn teach your children these simple vehicle repairs and maintenance.

Do you know how to maintain your vehicle or change a tire?  Let's discuss.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Gardening is Frugal

Garden Anywhere

Now that Spring is here it is time to think about gardening. It doesn't matter if you have a large yard or a small patio or balcony you can have a garden.

Frugal Garden Containers

Gardening does not have to be expensive. Just about anything can be used as a container that will hold your vegetables, fruits and herbs.
  • Old Boots
  • 5 gallon Buckets
  • Clay Pots
  • Unused Children's' Pool
  • Rubbermaid Containers
  • Plastic Gallon Milk Jugs
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Plastic 55 gallon barrels cut in half
  • Old Tires
  • Plastic Coffee Containers
Make sure you have drain holes in the bottom of each of your containers. You do not want to drown your plants. This may take a little bit of drilling but it is all done in fun for what you are going to reap at the end of the growing season.

Note:  Make sure all of your containers are free of any chemicals, mold or other contaminants so your plants remain healthy and you are not poisoned. Do NOT use soup cans or other metal containers to grow your vegetables and herbs. The metal containers will rust and you do not want this rust to contaminate your food.

How Does Your Garden Grow

If you are a first time gardener you might want to think about growing a kitchen garden. This consists of herbs, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, beans and peas.

Start out small first then if you have enjoyed what you grew go larger the following year. I guarantee you will get the gardening bug. Not to mention growing your own herbs, vegetables and fruits is Frugal and you know you are eating fresh food.

Bringing Wildlife to your Garden

Gardening will bring Butterflies and Honey Bees to your garden. These insects are extremely beneficial in order to pollinate your plants. Through pollination your herbs and vegetables will grow and be healthy.

Last year on my Oregano plant a Black Swallowtail Butterfly had a great time in laying eggs and I ended up with more of these beautiful creatures. I was also able to create a photo journal e-book on the Life Cycle of the Black Swallowtail Butterfly. 

I was able to photograph the eggs, the 4 stages the pupa went through to the final stage of a chrysalis. 

2nd Pupal Stage
You and your children will have fun being able to witness nature at it's best when you bring these beauties into your garden.

I still have a chrysalis in my garage that I will put out when it gets warmer and I am hoping I will be able to witness the emergence from it's wintry home. 
Grow Fruits in Containers

Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries and Strawberries can all be grown in containers.  Not to mention these fruits are Perennial which means they come back every year. This is frugal as you only have to purchase a couple of plants one year and you are done. After two seasons all you have to do is re-pot your fruit bushes so they can grow a new root system yielding you more fruit.

There isn't anything you can't do as there isn't anything you can't learn. Gardening is not only frugal it is relaxing and enjoyable. You are able to have fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and salads all summer long.

Gardening Reduces Stress

When you have a garden either big or small and are tending to your plants you are reducing your stress. Reducing stress helps your blood pressure, reduces the risk of a heart attack or stroke and boosts your immune system because you are happy. When you garden you think of nothing else but the plants you are nurturing not to mention there is nothing more relaxing than being outside and in nature.

So what do you want to plant this year? Let me know and let's discuss.

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Thank You! 5,000 Views and Growing

Today, The Frugal Bible has hit 5,000 views!

A Huge Thank You to the entire World for liking my website and learning how you can live a frugal life.  This site is very important to me and is my "baby".

I have been doing the best that I can in helping others realize how easy it is to be frugal and to teach your children how to be frugal. Frugality is very important for everyone to live a less stressful life.

I am absolutely awed at the response The Frugal Bible has received in a short amount of time so I must be doing something right.  You all are wonderful.

Please share my site with your friends. Help me spread the word of The Frugal Bible and help others learn that living simply, eating healthy and saving money is living a humble lifestyle.  Join The Frugal Bible Community on G+ so you don't miss my posts.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank You to Everyone!

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Celery - Vegetable, Herb and Spice

The Magic of Celery

Celery is a herb, vegetable and spice believe it or not.

The stalks and roots are considered a vegetable.

The seeds are considered a spice and are used to make perfume as well as medicine.

The leaves are considered an herb due to their rich flavor.

Getting ready to Dehydrate
Health Benefits of Celery

Celery is 95% water yet full of Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D along with Folate, Magnesium, Potassium and Zinc among a host of other needed vitamins and minerals that our body needs.

Celery is known to reduce high blood pressure and aids in our digestive system, it is a great antioxidant,  ridding our bodies of free radicals (healthier than doing a "cleansing"), aids in weight loss and has beneficial anti-inflammatory agents.

In the middle ages celery was eaten to counter act the extremely salted meats that were eaten in the winter months and therefore people did not get sick from eating too much salt.

Dehydrated Celery
Celery a Soup/Stew Staple

Celery is considered one of the most important vegetable, spice or herb you can put in soups and even stews.

Cajun cooking is compromised of celery, onions and bell peppers while French cooking uses celery, onions and carrots to provide the incredible flavors to their dishes.

One Large bunch of Celery Dehydrated
Dehydrating Celery

Another great fact about celery is that even if it does get 'wimpy' in your refrigerator you can still use it in a soup or stew or you can dehydrate celery and use it as a herb and sprinkle it into just about anything including eggs.

As you can see from my photographs, I used a large bunch of celery stalks and dehydrated everything from the stalks to the leaves. Once dehydrated there doesn't seem to be much left as indicated by my spice container.  However, when you do dehydrate celery it takes on an incredibly strong essence of it's own. Absolutely delightful! Once dried you only need to use a tiny bit due to it's strength.

Regrowing Celery
Can Celery be Regrown?

Well, yes and no.  I tried to regrow celery and as you can see from the photograph to the left I did get some wonderful potent celery leaves.

Celery will regrow from the center like lettuce however, at this point even with all of the roots it will not grow when placed in the ground.

Celery is certainly one incredible multi-use and multi-functional vegetable, herb and spice all rolled into one.

I hope you enjoyed this article.

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Self Learning is Frugal

Learn How to do Simple Repairs

Especially if you are a homeowner, making your own repairs will save you quite a bit of money. Saving money is frugal right? There is absolutely no reason to hire a repair man to stop a simple water leak, change out an electrical outlet or putting up gutters.

Many home improvement stores have free classes on the weekends that teach men and women how to make simple repairs to their homes. These classes are always FREE so why not check out your local home improvement store to see what they offer.

Learning how to replace a pane of glass, make a simple plumbing repair, hanging a door or patching a hole in sheet rock may seem daunting but these repairs are basic and easy.

10 Must Have Items for DIY Repairs

With these tools you can fix just about anything.

  • Duct Tape - A very strong tape that is waterproof. Duct tape can be used as a temporary repair and comes in many colors
  • WD-40 - This product is used for just about anything
      Loosens rusty bolts
      Stops squeaking doors
      Stain Removal
      Displaces water 
  • Wood Glue - A tough glue that adheres strong and clear
  • Caulking Gun - This is a must for a homeowner as you can replace old calking around windows, toilets, bathtubs and more.
  • Spackling and Trowl - Repairs holes in drywall
  • Hammer
  • Screwdrivers - Straight edge and Phillips Head NOTE: There are many different sizes of screwdrivers and each one is used for specific jobs
  • Hammer
  • Level - A must have for carpentry projects
  • Paint Brushes - You will want a straight and an angle brush for painting projects
  • Wrench - There are several types of wrenches some are used for loosening bolts and there is also a specific wrench for plumbing
With the items listed above you can repair just about anything. There is nothing like a feeling that you repaired something all by yourself. A sense of pride and accomplishment will make anyone feel more confident about themselves. Not to mention you can show off your handiwork to your friends and family. 

By teaching yourself simple household repairs you will not only keep your home in it's best shape possible you will be saving a lot of money since you are not hiring someone else to repair simple tasks that can be done by you. 

Take pride in everything you do. Learn as much as you possibly can as the more you learn the more you know. My favorite saying is:

"There isn't anything I can't do because there isn't anything I can't Learn"   -MSargent-

I hope you enjoyed this article

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Best Pulled Pork Recipe

The best way to get a nice thick gravy when cooking a roast is to cook it while it is frozen.  When slow cooking a frozen roast it slowly thaws and the breakdown of the meat will produce natural juices which will make a nice thick gravy and a more tender roast.

When cooking a roast whether it is pork or beef it is best to use a crock pot as they cook slow and use less electricity than a conventional oven. Precut any vegetables you will be using for your roast the night before and cover the vegetables with water so they don't turn brown (especially potatoes) and put them in the refrigerator.

In the morning all you have to do is take the roast out of the freezer, drain the vegetables and dump everything into the crock pot. Then put your crock pot on the Low setting and you can go to work. When you come home dinner is already finished for you.

  • 1 Pork Roast (frozen) - Trim as much fat as possible
  • 1 Bottle of Garlic Marinade (found with the marinades)
  • 1 Large Onion - diced
  • 2 or 3 Carrots - I put in a handful of carrots that I had dehydrated.
  • Mushrooms (optional)
  • 1 Cup Water
Put your frozen roast in the crock pot
Add the ingredients above
Set on Low heat
Cook for 8 - 10 hours

Once the roast is completely cooked simply take two forks and start to pull the meat apart.  

This gravy is so thick and delicious you can put this over wild rice and add some vegetables and fruit for a complete meal. 

I do hope you enjoy.

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sugar is NOT So Sweet

Health Risks of Sugar

If you are one of the millions of people who like to pop the top of a soda every morning and throughout the day you might want to rethink what you are putting into your body. I am not talking about natural sugars that are found in fruits and vegetables. I am talking about the added sugars in processed foods.

Sugar has become an epidemic across the world. Most people consume 3 pounds of sugar each week which translates to 3,550 pounds during our lifetime. Added sugar is hidden in everything you eat and drink. Consuming this amount of added sugars in your diet can lead to:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Fatty Liver
  • Heart Disease
  • Stroke
  • High Cholesterol

Read your Labels

Start getting into the habit of reading labels on everything you place in your grocery basket.  What you want to look for is a label that has LESS THAN 5% Added Sugar.

Manufacturing companies push and push the commercials and printed ads on how healthy their food products are. 

Let's take Chobani Yogurt for example. In each little container of this "healthy" yogurt you are eating 3 1/4 teaspoons of added sugar.  Doesn't seem very healthy to me.

Other names for sugar to look out for is:
  • Glucose
  • Fructose
  • Sucrose
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Corn Syrup
Daily Allowance of Sugar

Each teaspoon of sugar is equal to 4.2 grams.

I bet if you look in your cupboard or refrigerator and start reading your labels you are going to be shocked at how much sugar you and your family is consuming on a daily basis. 

Any amount of sugar consumed should not go over the chart above. This is going to be a daily challenge for most people because we all have a sweet tooth.  

Consider what you drink during the day. Especially that stop at Starbucks. I bet you drink one or more of the above products and your children are drinking the same thing. Added sugar is in anything that is manufactured. The secret word is "ADDED". This includes but is not limited to:
  • Bread
  • Yogurt
  • Mayonnaise
  • Mustard
  • Spaghetti Sauce
  • Ketchup
  • Frozen Pizza
Read your labels and you will be surprised at how much sugar you are really consuming on a daily basis.  The label shows the "Per Serving" amount of sugar that you are consuming.  

For one day try this experiment. Write down every gram of sugar you are eating for one day.  How many teaspoons have you consumed?

Children should not consume more than 3 teaspoons per day of sugar.

But I Don't Eat Sugar

Recognize these colorful little packets of "alternative healthy choices of sugar"? I bet some of you reading this use these manufactured sweeteners and truly believe you are consuming something healthy.  Think again.


Aspartame is a synthetic sweetener made in a laboratory.  Aspartame is found in:
  •  Diet Sodas 
  • Milk Shakes
  • Instant Breakfast Drinks
  • Breath Mints and Chewing Gum
  • Cereal
  • Wine Coolers
  • Pharmaceuticals

There have been 92 different diseases and ailments that are proven to be associated with over ingestion of Aspartame. These include but are not limited to:
  • Increased Epileptic Seizures
  • Increased Depression
  • Increased Irritability
  • Eye issues
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Headaches and Migranes
  • Tiredness
  • Anxiety

Our Bodies need Water

Our bodies need water, not sport drinks or soda in order to be healthy.

Here is a surprising fact:  Water has NO SUGAR.

We should be drinking 8-10 glasses of water every single day.  The more water you drink the healthier your body will be.  Our bodies are comprised of 60% water.  Water keeps us hydrated, helps move our circulatory system better, keeps our body temperature normal so we do not overheat.  Water also keeps our digestion system running properly.

It is my hope that those who are reading this article think twice before drinking 6 sodas per day or stopping at Starbucks or getting that Frosty at Wendy's.  

Start drinking water to stay healthy and reduce the risk of getting Diabetes and other dangerous health issues.

Even a glass of water with juice from a lemon is a fantastic health choice. NOTE:  Lemon juice should only come from an actual lemon and not in a plastic container that looks like a lemon.

(c) 2017 MSargent

Friday, March 10, 2017

10 Money Making Hacks for Extra Cash

Most people do not realize how much extra money is right in front of them within the walls of their home. This includes your own personal talents as well. Here are several ways you can live frugally by making extra money to put in your piggy bank.

Have a Yard Sale

It is a great idea to have your own yard sale every other year. This way you are staying clutter free and are getting rid of items you no longer use, need or want. Living frugally means that you make sure your life stays clutter free, stress free and saving or making extra money.

Sell items on eBay, Amazon or Craigslist

People look to purchase a long list of different items so you never know what will sell.  

NOTE:  Make sure you are cautious in making Craigslist sales as you never know who you will meet.  Make sure all transactions occur in a Police Parking lot. Tell the Police what you are doing and they will allow the transaction.

Bicycles and lawnmowers that are broken can be sold to people who repair bicycles and small engines. You make money and you are helping someone else make money. This is frugal living, helping others.

Blog or Ghostwrite

Start a blog or write blog articles for other people. There are some good paying part time and full time jobs available for coming up with articles for another person’s blog. If you like writing this is a great way to polish your writing skills.

Offer your painting services

If you like to paint houses or refinish furniture on the weekends this is a great way to make extra money. You can stay as busy as you want. People will see that you take pride in your work and I guarantee you will be getting busy through ‘word-of-mouth’ customers.

Amatuer photographer

There are websites that you can sell your photographs on. Such as  You can even receive photographic assignments and get paid.

Help others and run errands for $5.00 per job.

Think of it as grocery shopping for three people at one time and making $15.00. You can pick up dry cleaning or taking someone to a doctor appointment.

Get a better job.

There are always employers looking for good skilled and knowledgeable employees. If you have a job with no room for advancement start looking for a job where you are appreciated and can move up the ladder. Never settle for second best because you are worth more.

Virtual assistant - Personal Assistant

If you have office skills and a computer become a virtual assistant. This can be done part time or full time. You can have several customers at the same time and can grow your virtual assistant business into a company by hiring others to help you with assignments.

Are you bilingual? Become a translator part time

There is a huge need for translators. This can be written or verbal. Make extra money with your ability of being fluent in more than one language. You can do this full time or part time.

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Smoky Chicken Stuffed Peppers

All Photo Credits Michelle Sargent
Quick Easy and Freezable

I came up with this recipe over the weekend after cooking up a family pack of chicken thighs. Not to mention that green peppers were on sale.

Taking advantage of sales on meat and produce is a great way to stock your freezer. And by stocking your freezer you will have less time cooking and more time spent with your family.

Chicken Thigh Family Pack

Chicken thighs happen to be the best tasting part of the chicken. A dark meat, the chicken thigh is also the most inexpensive way to purchase bulk chicken.

  • Cut off any excess skin and fat
  • Always wash each piece in cold water
  • Once placed on your roasting pan season the skin

Skin Seasoning

  • Lemon Pepper
  • Garlic Powder
  • Rosemary (optional)
  • Ground Turmeric
  • Dried Tarragon
Note:  Any of your favorite seasonings will do as each person has different tastes in their spices. 

Once you have spiced up the chicken thighs place them in a 350 degree oven for 40 minutes.  Check them after 30 minutes as cooking time can vary.

NOTE:  If you use a dark colored baking pan the cooking time can be shorter as the oven heat will be absorbed by the pan. A lighter colored baking pan may take a little longer as the heat is not absorbed as much. 

How to make the Stuffing

Okay, now that your chicken thighs have been cooked and cooled completely (you don't want to get burned) you will need to:

  • Remove the skin and discard
  • Remove the chicken from the bone
  • Cut the chicken into small pieces
  • Cook 2 Hot Italian Sausages (skin removed) (optional)
My family pack had 8 chicken thighs and I cooked all of them. Some family packs carry 6 thighs instead of 8 thighs. 

Once you have your chicken cut up (Yield of 3 cups) place it all into a mixing bowl. This recipe will yield 9 stuffed Green Peppers.
  • Add the cooked Hot Italian Sausage
  • 2 10 oz Cans Diced tomatoes w/chilis
  • 1 small can diced Jalapenos
  • 1/2 Cup Brown Rice
  • Mushrooms (optional)
  • Garlic Powder
  • Cumin
  • Lemon Pepper
  • Pour the drippings from the chicken into the stuffing for added taste
This may also be a good time to check your refrigerator for any whole tomatoes that need to be cut up before they spoil and any other left over items you think might be good in the stuffing. I even put in some white beans that I had cooked in chicken stock.

1. Mix thoroughly 
2. Cut off the tops of your Green Peppers and clean out all the seeds. 
3. Put the stuffing inside the amount of green peppers you want to cook.
4. Using 1 10 ounce can of Red Enchilada Sauce pour over your stuffed peppers. 

Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes or until the peppers are soft and the stuffing is steaming. 

Serve with a salad and some fruit. 

Freeze the Stuffing

If you have no plans on making 9 stuffed peppers just make the amount of stuffed peppers you need for your meal.  The stuffing (without the green peppers) is freezable and can be used at a later time for another meal.  

This stuffing mix can be simply heated up and poured over a bed of steamed vegetables, rice or mashed potatoes.

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