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Can you Change a Tire?

1910 Woman Changing Tire
Easy Car Repairs

One of the first things my dad taught me was how to change my own tire, change my own oil, check all of my vehicle's fluids and how to replace a battery. Dad always said "why pay someone to do something you can do yourself."

Dad is always right.

  • Change a tire
  • Change your Oil
  • Check your enging fluids
  • Replace a Battery
These easy DIY repairs and maintenance can be rather expensive when paying a mechanic to do something you can easily learn to do yourself. Not to mention hiring a tow truck when you have a flat tire and you are in the middle of nowhere. There are even some men that do not know how to maintain their own vehicles.

Vehicle Maintenance is Important

If you own a vehicle you need to maintain it so that you can always get to work, school, make an emergency run to the hospital or even take a road trip. 

If you do not check your oil and engine fluids on a monthly basis your engine could blow a rod due to the lack of oil that your engine needs to run properly. Your breaks could fail if your break fluid is low and your vehicle could overheat if there is not any fluid in your radiator. If this happens you will be looking for either very expensive engine repair or a new car. 

Ask for a Lesson

Ask your dad, brother or your local mechanic to show you how to change a tire, replace a battery, check your oil, replace your oil, check your radiator fluid and how to check your break fluid and transmission fluid.  

I can assure you that someone will teach you how to do these simple maintenance checks on your vehicle.  Do not be scared to get your hands and nails dirty as the dirt and grease will come off. 

Learning how to maintain your vehicle properly could even save your life someday. How? If you get a flat tire or your engine overheats on a deserted road or at night you never know who is going to stop and help you. 

Vehicle trunk Emergency Kit

Always keep in the trunk of your vehicle the following. 
  • Spare tire or donut tire which is good for at least 50 miles
  • Lug Wrench - Removes the lug nuts that holds the tire on
  • Jack to lift your vehicle for tire changes
  • Flashlight - Always check to make sure the batteries are working
  • Extra quart of oil that your vehicle uses
  • Gallon of water for the radiator in case your vehicle overheats
  • Rag
  • Blanket just in case it's cold and you can not do repairs or are stuck in the snow
  • Flair or Reflective Orange Cone or Triangle for safety. This way other vehicles can see that you are outside of your vehicle or need help in case of an emergency
  • White rag to tie on your vehicle antennae. This tells people your vehicle has broken down
  • Cell phone to call 911
Frugal means learning new things and taking care of what you own. It is always good to learn something new and in turn teach your children these simple vehicle repairs and maintenance.

Do you know how to maintain your vehicle or change a tire?  Let's discuss.

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