Monday, March 27, 2017

Gardening and Writing

Making Extra Income

Because of my container garden last year I was able to write a photographic journal of the entire life cycle of the Black Swallowtail Butterfly.

Available on Amazon for $.99 I was able to witness nature at it's best. From this beautiful butterfly laying her eggs to the four stages of caterpillar to the final stage of chrysalis.  

I have the chrysalis in my garage at this time and will put it out in the Spring when the weather gets warmer and hopefully I will be able to photograph it when it emerges from it's winter cloak.

Sitting and watching this beautiful butterfly landing on my oregano plant was not only relaxing I learned something new about Mother Nature so I wrote a book to share with the world. 

Gardens attract all kinds of insects and butterflies and bees are important for pollination as they fly from one flower to the next. Gardening is not only fun for adults it is fun for children as well. 

Teach your children about gardening and the wonderful, incredible and beautiful insects you will find in and around your garden.  Have them do some research on the insects they find so they in turn will learn to appreciate the importance of insects and the role that they play. They just might be able to write a book as well.

Mother Nature always gives.  If we just open our eyes and observe what is around us you will really be amazed at what you witness. You might be able to produce a photographic journal book. Make it a family affair so everyone can learn from your observation of Mother Nature.

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