Friday, March 10, 2017

10 Money Making Hacks for Extra Cash

Most people do not realize how much extra money is right in front of them within the walls of their home. This includes your own personal talents as well. Here are several ways you can live frugally by making extra money to put in your piggy bank.

Have a Yard Sale

It is a great idea to have your own yard sale every other year. This way you are staying clutter free and are getting rid of items you no longer use, need or want. Living frugally means that you make sure your life stays clutter free, stress free and saving or making extra money.

Sell items on eBay, Amazon or Craigslist

People look to purchase a long list of different items so you never know what will sell.  

NOTE:  Make sure you are cautious in making Craigslist sales as you never know who you will meet.  Make sure all transactions occur in a Police Parking lot. Tell the Police what you are doing and they will allow the transaction.

Bicycles and lawnmowers that are broken can be sold to people who repair bicycles and small engines. You make money and you are helping someone else make money. This is frugal living, helping others.

Blog or Ghostwrite

Start a blog or write blog articles for other people. There are some good paying part time and full time jobs available for coming up with articles for another person’s blog. If you like writing this is a great way to polish your writing skills.

Offer your painting services

If you like to paint houses or refinish furniture on the weekends this is a great way to make extra money. You can stay as busy as you want. People will see that you take pride in your work and I guarantee you will be getting busy through ‘word-of-mouth’ customers.

Amatuer photographer

There are websites that you can sell your photographs on. Such as  You can even receive photographic assignments and get paid.

Help others and run errands for $5.00 per job.

Think of it as grocery shopping for three people at one time and making $15.00. You can pick up dry cleaning or taking someone to a doctor appointment.

Get a better job.

There are always employers looking for good skilled and knowledgeable employees. If you have a job with no room for advancement start looking for a job where you are appreciated and can move up the ladder. Never settle for second best because you are worth more.

Virtual assistant - Personal Assistant

If you have office skills and a computer become a virtual assistant. This can be done part time or full time. You can have several customers at the same time and can grow your virtual assistant business into a company by hiring others to help you with assignments.

Are you bilingual? Become a translator part time

There is a huge need for translators. This can be written or verbal. Make extra money with your ability of being fluent in more than one language. You can do this full time or part time.

Go to yard sales

There is always hidden money at yard sales. All prices are usually very negotiable depending on how bad people want to sell their stuff. This is where your negotiating skills, repair and refinish skills and knowing the actual cost of the item skills come in. Re-sell these items at your own yard sale, eBay, Craigslist. My sister and I used to do this and in September we would sell everything we bought at yard sales and this would be our Christmas money. We were even lucky to purchase a wine collection very cheap and reselling it; we tripled our initial investment.

Change Banks

Look into a credit union that will help build your credit. Check out different banks and find out which is the best bank with high interest rates on savings accounts and one that has no extra fees.

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