Saturday, March 25, 2017

How to Spring Clean

Purging your Junk

It never ceases to amaze me how much junk I end up accumulating over the years.  In this instance it had been three years since I purged my home.

Spring is the best time to dive in and start purging everything that is not needed, broken and torn, never used and doesn't have a purpose.

When you have a clean and uncluttered home you are actually cleaning and decluttering your mind as well. Less junk and clutter in your home leads to a happier place to come home to. Purge your home from attic to basement and even the yard.

Frugality is Simplicity

Remember that the main purpose in being a frugal person is living a simple life. You are no longer a "must have" consumer. You are a "as needed" consumer. When you are out shopping ask yourself

  • Do I really need this?
  • Do I really want this?
A need is something that will serve a specific purpose in your life where something that you want will not really serve any purpose at all.

How to Purge your Junk

Take each room at a time so you are not overwhelmed in doing your Spring cleaning. Assign your children their own bedrooms so they learn how to declutter as a clean room is less stressful on your children just like it is for adults. Don't forget to get your husband involved as well.

Use some plastic bins to sort while you clean. You can label them:

  • Garbage 
  • Yard Sale
  • Keep

Does it have a purpose?

Each item you pick up ask yourself if it really has a useful purpose. If the item does not have a specific purpose for your every day living then get rid of it and put it in one of the labeled bins.

Don't Stress when Purging

Purging your home and life should not be a stressful time it should be a pleasurable experience. Remember you are decluttering your home and decluttering your mind at the same time. You want to live in a stress free home especially if your job is stressful.

Donating is Frugal

When you are purging your clutter you will have items that can be and should be donated. You can donate to local second hand stores your gently used items. You can donate a non-working lawn mower to school programs where children are learning small engine repair or to someone who makes their income repairing small engines. Old bicycles can be donated to someone who repairs bicycles as well as school and prison programs. You can donate gently used toys that your children have outgrown to libraries for their play area.

Yard Sales are Frugal

Selling items that are no longer useful in your home not only helps other people who are looking for certain household items it is putting money back into your pocket. It's a win win for everyone. Anything that does not sell at your yard sale put it in a neat pile with a "Free" sign on it. Remember, there are many people who can't even afford to go to yard sales.

Found Money

After your yard sale you now have recouped money that you originally spent on the items you sold. This is very frugal. This found money should be put in a savings account for unexpected emergencies such as vehicle repairs, household repairs and medical emergencies.

I do hope you have found this article an easy way to learn how to Spring clean your home and purge it from everything that is unnecessary in your life.

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