Wednesday, April 12, 2017

10 Ways to Pay it Forward

Kindness is Infectious

We are taught to treat others the way we want to be treated, unfortunately, this does not happen very often throughout the world.

Every day we should all take the time to pay it forward and provide kindness and respectful to a total stranger. This really is not a hard thing to do; help others. Once you start paying it forward to a stranger you are not only changing the life of someone else you are changing your life at the same time.

Pay for a child's school lunch There are too many children in school whose parents can not afford the school lunches. "Lunch Shaming" has become the norm in many schools. Lunch personnel stamp the child's hand with "I owe for school lunch" or actually throw away the child's lunch into the trash. This needs to stop. Not to mention that many times a school lunch is the only meal a child has to eat. Help a child today and provide the food they so desperately need in order to learn.

Provide a Ride Provide a ride to your neighbor or shut-in to the grocery store or food pantry. You would be amazed at how many people are unable to get to the store themselves.

Mow a Yard This is certainly one that older children can help with. Help a neighbor mow their yard, rake leaves and do general cleanup. Not only are you helping your neighbor you are helping to keep your neighborhood clean and tidy. For the elderly this is a wonderful way to pay it forward. Remember, this is kindness and you should never be paid to help others.

Crock Pot Meal in a Bag There are many people with whom we work with or know who are having a hard time with family medical issues. Provide a grocery bag full of a crock pot meal along with a recipe card that can easily be cooked while your neighbor or fellow employee visits their loved one in the hospital.

Purchase a Bus or Train Pass Purchase an extra bus or train pass for a random stranger. You are helping someone get to work so they do not loose their job and your heart will be full.

Pay the Meal Behind You While you are sitting in line at a drive-thru restaurant pay for the person who is behind you in line.

Adopt a Family During the Christmas holiday there are many organizations who have donation trees set up. These trees are filled with cards listing what each family is in need of. Make a child's Christmas special for those who are in need.

Sponsor a child who aged out of Foster Care There are approximately 20,000 children who age out of the Foster Care System each year. These children generally end up homeless once they reach the age of 18 years old. These children have absolutely no family, no job, no housing and no where to go. You can help sponsor one of these children to give them a leg up and hope that they so desperately need.

Donate your Expertise Are you a mechanic, electrician, plumber or even a carpenter? Donate your time to help a person or family with car repairs, plumbing repairs, electrical repairs or home repairs. You are helping someone live in a better and safer home and you are providing desperate help in home and auto repairs.

Donate to a Food Pantry Food pantry's not only need food, they need personal hygiene products for men and women and yes, even pet food. You are not only helping a person in need you are also helping a person to keep their beloved pet.

The only thing that matters in paying it forward is the fact you are giving of yourself.

By helping others you are breathing into them a life that they otherwise may have never known. There is nothing wrong with holding open a door or carrying packages for a total stranger. There is nothing wrong with providing a meal to someone who is hungry. There is nothing wrong with spreading love and kindness on a daily basis to others.

When we spread love and kindness to strangers you are warming their heart even if only for the moment. Remember to never brag to others on how you pay it forward. Be humbled by your experience.

Being Frugal is being Humbled

How can you pay it forward?

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