Monday, April 17, 2017

20 ways to use Easter Leftovers

Leftover Smorgasbord 

If you cooked ham for this past Easter dinner you may just have a ton of leftovers. Do not despair, there are many ways to use up all of your leftovers and have plenty of meals for another day. Here are some ideas to help you out.

  1. Send your dinner guests off with a plate so they have leftovers
  2. Make Ham and bean soup (freezable)
  3. Make Split pea soup (freezable)
  4. Ham Sandwiches - Slice thin and you have extra lunch meat in the freezer
  5. Ham and eggs
  6. Ham Croquettes
  7. Scallop Potatoes with ham
  8. Ham and Cheese Quiche
  9. Ham, Egg and Vegetable breakfast muffins (freezable)
  10. Grilled Ham and Cheese
  11. Ham and Cheese Macaroni
  12. Ham Fettuccine
  13. Vegetable and Ham Soup
  14. Ham Pot Pies
  15. Ham and Cheese Quesadillas
  16. Ham, Rice and Vegetable Skillet Dinner
  17. Chicken Cordon Blue
  18. Baked Potato Wedges Loaded with ham, cheese and leftover vegetables
  19. Ham and Cheese Waffles
  20. Ham and Egg baked Casserole
Never throw out your leftovers as you just might be hungry someday and your refrigerator or freezer may be empty. By preparing soups with your leftover ham and ham bone you are making meals for the future. 

Ham is a versatile meat and can be paired with all vegetables and even other meats like chicken for a chicken cordon blue. Being frugal is making the most out of huge family meals so there is no waste.

You can even bring your leftovers to your workplace and share if you want. It is much better to share with others who may be single and did not have a large family dinner than to throw perfectly good food in the trash. 

Food for Thought

Being frugal is thinking of the future, saving money and always helping others. 

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