Friday, April 21, 2017

Drink Healthy Water

Drink Water NOT Soda

'Oh the horror of drinking water!' This is how most people react just at the thought of drinking water. I am always hearing from people "soda is made from water." Oh such a bad choice of words.

Our bodies are made up of 75% water and through sweating and urinating we loose this important water in our bodies so this water needs to be replenished in order for all of our systems to work better. Water is vital for life as all of our organs need water in order to be healthy, especially our brains.

Drinking 8 sodas per day is not drinking water. By drinking sodas and even sports drinks you are actually dehydrating your body from the water it needs to thrive and be healthy. Soda is packed with sugars which is simply not good for overall health. Not to mention diet soda which is sweetened with aspartame which is nothing short of pure poison and has been linked to early onset dementia, alzheimers and learning disabilities in children.

Never Drink from the Tap

The water that comes from our taps is not healthy water. It is full of chlorine (to kill bacteria), fluoride and unhealthy metals from old pipes either in your home or from your city.

Drinking hot water from your tap is a very bad thing to do. Since hot water from your tap is coming through your hot water heater you are getting a glass of water filled with sediments from your hot water heater and ingesting enough of these sediments will make you sick.

What is Healthy Water

Healthy water is either reverse osmosis water or distilled water. Reverse Osmosis water can be found in your local grocery stores where you can bring your own water jugs. It is cheap enough and tastes great. Reverse Osmosis is a process where water is pushed through a special membrane which filters out salt and other unhealthy minerals. Purchasing water this way is so much cheaper than purchasing those little bottles of water. Plus through bringing your own water jugs you are recycling and not filling up our landfills with plastic that doesn't break down.

Distilled water is simply water that has been boiled and the steam from this process is condensed into water that has had the bad minerals boiled out of it. Distilled water is used in CPAP machines so you are not breathing in harmful minerals, rust and hard water through your lungs.

Dress Up your Water

It is recommended that we all drink 8 glasses of water per day or 1/2 of a gallon each day. This is because we need to replenish the water that leaves our bodies on a daily basis. Drinking water is a must to flush out our systems, replenish our systems and to keep hydrated.

If you can't stomach plane drinking water try adding some lemon or lime juice (from the real fruit). Blend up some berries, and other fruits and freeze these blended fruits in ice cube trays. Then simply pop out your fruit cubes and plop them in your water. You are now drinking water along with getting fruit which is normally not eaten on a daily basis.

Water Bottles

Always choose a water bottle that is BPA free. These water bottles will be marked. BPA is a chemical that the plastic bottle is made from and when this chemical heats up it leaches into your drinking water.

What I do is fill up 4 of my large BPA free water bottles and put them in the freezer. This is great in the summer since as the frozen water melts you are drinking ice water. If I am outside working or if I am going somewhere I simply put my frozen water bottles in a lunch cooler where they will stay cold but will slowly defrost. This way I always have cold water handy for a refreshing drink.

Drinking your 8 glasses of water per day will also fill your stomach so you do not feel super hungry then you end up pigging out with a large over sized meal or an entire bag of chips while watching television.

Get in the Habit

Drinking water is not a torture treatment. Once you replace your sugared drinks with great tasting water you will not only get into a healthy habit your body will love you for it. I guarantee that you will start feeling healthier and will have more energy.

We do not need to put more poisons in our bodies that we already do through our food. Remember, most diseases are caused mostly by what we eat, our environment and of course genetics.

Be a role model to your entire family. Drink water and ditch the sugared drinks.

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