Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Frugal Bible Tidbits #1

  • Dismantle a box of cereal and use the inside of the box as cardboard for artwork such as gluing, painting and to cut out shapes. This makes a great work area for children.
  • Reuse ziploc bags. Rinse them out then turn them inside out to dry. They can be used to put in food scraps, onion skins and meat packages that contain blood. Remove as much air as you can and close the bag.This way your garbage will not smell and animals will leave your outside trash alone.
  • Open the top of your coffee maker once you shut it off. This way the steam can escape and the inside of your coffee maker will not turn moldy especially if you have hard water. Always clean your coffee pot once a month by filling the pot with regular vinegar and running it through your coffee maker. Follow up with a pot of water and run the water through your coffee maker. Vinegar is a natural cleanser and disinfectant.
  • Crush all boxes and plastic bottles prior to putting them in your trash. This way you are saving space in your trashcan for more trash.
  • Never freeze food in aluminum foil. Your food will not freeze as fast thus bacteria will grow on your food. This bacteria will not be killed once you reheat the food. Always use a freezer bag or butcher paper.
  • When you are cooking dried beans or any legumes add 2 tablespoons of vinegar to cut down on the gas effects. Less flatulence.
  • If your beef was grass fed the fat will be yellow in color and the beef will be tough. If the beef was grain fed the fat will be white in color, you will have better marbling and the beef will be more tender.
  • Crushing dried herbs will increase their flavor.
  • When making herb butter mix your herbs in softened butter (not melted butter). You can then freeze your herb butter by placing your herb butter on plastic wrap, form it into a log and wrap it well. Once frozen you can slice off the amount desired.
  • Mayonnaise contains 65% oil. Less than 65% oil is considered salad dressing. 
  • Fat free mayonnaise contains more salt than regular mayonnaise. * Note: Mayonnaise does contain soy so if you are trying to go gluten free you might want to make your own homemade.
  • When cooking a meatloaf never cover it with aluminum foil if you have covered the top of your meatloaf with a tomato based product. The acidity in the tomato product breaks down the aluminum and your meatloaf will absorb it. Aluminum is toxic when in food products.
I hope these little tidbits have been helpful.

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