Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

National Grilled Cheese Day

There is nothing like a grilled cheese sandwich and a cup of soup. Comfort food for sure.

There are endless combinations in how you can make a grilled cheese sandwich. It all depends on what your imagination can come up with.

Cheese Goes with Everything

Any kind of bread along with meat and vegetable combinations can be used to make this delicious sandwich.

Making a grilled cheese sandwich is a fantastic dinner choice as this is the perfect opportunity to clean out your refrigerator and fill your stomach. Cheese and meat always goes together just as cheese and vegetables go together. What can you find in your refrigerator to make a yummy and filling grilled cheese sandwich?

Mix and match your cheese and meat along with vegetables and you have made a sandwich that will provide you with dairy, protein and nutrients that your body needs to be healthy.

Who doesn't have leftovers in their refrigerator; we all do. Open your refrigerator and see what you have to make a unique grilled cheese sandwich that is healthy.

There is nothing worse than just bread and cheese. Make your grilled cheese sandwich an entire meal. As a rule children do not like vegetables but they love cheese. Your children will eat a grilled cheese sandwich made with vegetables. Why? Everything tastes good with cheese right?

Instead of making a sloppy joe with tomato sauce or canned sloppy joe mix make a grilled cheese sloppy joe. This choice is much healthier to eat.

Use any type of cheese that you have. Pair the cheese with your left over meat and some vegetables and you will serve your family with a healthy and filling meal.

Remember that meal time is family time. Turn off the cell phones and television and talk to each other. Discuss important issues, praise your children and laugh.

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