Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Growing your Groceries

Save Money

We all know that produce is expensive. Not to mention most of the produce we purchase is not organic.

Be frugal and save money by growing your own produce.

Use Anything for a Container

Anything can be used as a container for your garden.  It doesn't matter if you use an old drawer to plastic coffee cans.

Even shoe holders can be used as a container to grow herbs, spices, strawberries and fresh lettuce for your salad.

Gardening is Gratifying

Not only will you be proud of what you can produce in your garden you will be saving money and eating healthy. By spending less than an hour a day in your garden your mind is on nothing but your plants. You are concentrating on nothing else, you are outside and in turn your blood pressure goes down and you will be stress free.

There is nothing like nursing your garden all season long and watching what you planted grow and prosper. Think of how delicious your tomatoes are going to taste. Think of the fact you won't have to purchase potatoes for a while. Think of how healthy you are eating. Think of how you are going to fill your freezer or canning jars.

Grow your Groceries

Make it a family affair and get your children involved. The more we teach our children how to be frugal and self sufficient they in turn will pass this frugal lifestyle to their children.

It does not matter if you have a small patio and live in an apartment or have a house with a large yard. Gardening can be done anywhere.

The vegetable choices to grow in your garden are endless. Gardening is not hard to do. You will be saving money and eating healthy. Now that's Frugal.

What are you going to grow in your garden this year? What are your favorite vegetables? Let's discuss.

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