Tuesday, April 4, 2017

How to Make Poop Soup for the Garden

Poop Soup or Black Gold

Here in cattle country manure is considered "Black Gold" because most farmers spread the cow manure on their fields to help the corn and soybeans grow.

All gardens need some type of fertilizer and it is always best to use the real poo instead of manufactured synthetic fertilizer for your garden.

Rabbit Manure is the Best

Rabbit manure is the best natural fertilizer to use on your garden.  It is not harsh and can be used every time you water your garden. Plus, rabbit manure promotes earthworm growth. Earthworms are fantastic to have in the garden since they naturally "till" the ground around your plants.

I used to have a meat rabbit business and because of the manure I was able to sell earthworms for people to fish with. Best of both worlds.

Chicken manure is acidic and can "burn" your plants killing them. However, you can still make poop soup out of chicken manure.

Cow manure and Horse manure can be used as well. But not as often as Rabbit manure.

What ever you do don't use dog, cat or human manure on your garden!


1- 5 gallon Bucket with no lid

Simply fill your empty bucket 1/4 to 1/2 way with the manure you choose. If it is chicken manure only use 1/4 of the bucket. Then simply fill the rest of the bucket up with water.

Sit the bucket in the sunshine so it steeps making the poop soup. You then pour the liquefied manure down the row where your plants are.
Fertilize your garden at least once a week and water it down well.

If you do choose to use Rabbit manure this is great. You will not only have the rabbit meat to eat, you can also have an earthworm business on the side to sell or go fishing yourself. Plus, rabbit manure is the least acidic and least strong of any of the manures.

How do you make your garden grow? Poop soup of course. This can be used in container gardening too.

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