Sunday, April 30, 2017

Nature's Skittles

Amazing Colors

Just like a bag of Skittles is full of many bright colors fresh fruits and vegetables come in many bright colors as well. In fact, they come in the same colors as a bag of Skittles.

Instead of snacking on a bag of brightly colored candy, which is loaded with sugar, unhealthy preservatives and absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever, snack on a bowl of freshly cut up fruits.

Remember, canned fruits in either heavy syrup or "natural syrup" don't have any nutritional value and are full of sugars and preservatives.

Our bodies need the vitamins and nutrients that are packed in fresh fruits and cutting them up only takes a moment. You are providing yourself and your family a healthy choice for a snack.

Just think, back when Columbus and Black Beard along with his pirates were sailing the oceans, fruit was a mandatory daily food item to prevent the sailors from getting scurvy, a disease that included but was not limited to fatigue, muscle weakness, bleeding in the joints and gums and was deadly. All caused by the lack of Vitamin C that is found in fruits. This is why eating 2 servings of fruit every single day is important.

Fresh vegetables come in a variety of bright colors as well. They can be cut up and eaten raw, used in a salad and in a stir fry. You can even mix together fresh fruits and vegetables for a super healthy salad.

Our bodies are made with the need for fresh fruits and vegetables in order to stay healthy. Our bodies are not made to eat processed fruits and vegetables that come out of a can.

Fresh and preservative free fruits and vegetables should be in our breakfasts, lunches and dinners on a daily basis in order for our bodies to stay healthy and strong.

The main reason we are seeing an increase in Diabetes, heart disease, strokes, auto-immune diseases and cancers is mainly due to fast foods, processed frozen foods and foods that come out of cans.

If you eat smart choosing healthy fresh fruits and vegetables your body will have more energy and your muscles and bones will be strong(er). You will have better mental alertness. Your digestive system will work better, your cells will be healthier and the list goes on.

Did you know that purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables is actually cheaper than stocking up on canned counterparts?

Eat Healthy - Healthy Living - Healthy Choices

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