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Type II Diabetes Diet Plan

The Plate Method

Using the plate method when you have Type II Diabetes is an important and easy way to regulate what you are eating.

Using a 9" plate is recommended for proper portion control. Since not all dinner plates are equal you may want to measure yours to make sure you are using the 9" sized plate.


As you can see from the illustration, 1/2 of the plate consists of 2 types of vegetables. Only eat vegetables that are either fresh or frozen and never canned. 

Why? Canned or processed vegetables are full of sugars, salts and other chemicals in order to preserve the vegetables that are put inside of the can.

Fresh or frozen vegetables (the greener the better) do not have the preservatives that are included in canned vegetables. Frozen vegetables are simply flash frozen and put in a bag. Fresh vegetables are, well, fresh.

Always steam or grill your fresh vegetables instead of cooking them in butter or a stir fry that has oil. If you have a George Foreman Grill I found this a great way to cook my fresh vegetables and meat. The fat from the meat will drain away and you are steaming your vegetables at the same time.

Never boil your vegetables as boiling will remove most of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs. 


Always choose lean meats and cut off any excess fat the meat has. Remove the skin on the chicken as the skin is nothing but fat. You will notice that 1/4 of the plate in the plate method is reserved for your meat (protein). Your meat portion should be no larger than the palm of your hand.

Never consume any type of potted, processed or canned meats, this includes potted fish, as the salt content and preservatives in these types of meat are not healthy for consumption especially in controlling Type II Diabetes. 

Cook your meats either on a grill or George Foreman Grill (so the fat drains off), broil or bake. Fish is generally baked or poached unless you are eating a tuna, salmon or shark steak then you can easily grill your fish.


The worse carbohydrates to choose is corn, white rice, white potatoes, french fries and tortillas. White bread is a big no no along with cereals that are loaded with sugars. (Check the label on your cereal and choose cereals that have less than 5% sugar per serving)

Healthy choices in choosing carbohydrates are sweet potatoes, whole grain carbohydrates such as brown rice, whole wheat bread (again check the label for 5% sugars or less per serving). Non-processed oatmeal is a good choice.  Oatmeal that is in a container or pouch is NOT a good choice due to the large amounts of sugars and the fact the oatmeal has been bleached meaning it has lost most of it's nutrients.

The idea of using the plate method for Type II Diabetes meals is to ensure you are eating more vegetables for the vitamins and minerals, a small amount of healthy carbohydrates and a perfectly healthy portion of meat.

Fruit and Milk

Never consume fruit from a can these are loaded with high fructose corn syrup which means a ton of unhealthy sugar. Even fruit that is labeled "Natural Juices" is not a healthy choice due to the amount of sugars and preservatives.

Always choose fresh fruits only.

Drinking an 8 oz glass of milk is always a good choice to add calcium to your system. If you are into drinking Almond Milk you might want to look at the label on the container as Almond Milk and other Non-Milk drinks are loaded with sugar and preservatives.

Loose 10 Pounds

If you are overweight, which most people with Type II Diabetes are, the best thing you can do to help regulate your sugars is to loose 10 pounds.  Walking and swimming are the best exercises to start incorporating in your daily routine.

Using the plate method will also help you loose the weight since the portions 1/2 plate of Vegetables, 1/4 plate protein and 1/4 plate carbs are healthy portion sizes. This ensures there is no overeating one item over another.

I do hope this helps in planning your Type II Diabetic meals.

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