Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Edible Six Pack Rings; Seriously?

True but Harmful?

Believe it or not the USDA (US Department of Agriculture) has developed and approved an edible plastic that "will save the Earth". This is even supposed to be safe for humans to eat as well as wildlife.

These edible plastic six pack rings, plastic bags, plastic ware and plastic bottles are made from Casein a protein found in cows milk.

Casein, glycerin (a carbohydrate food alcohol that is used as a sweetener) and citrus pectin ( a complex carbohydrate derived from the skins of citrus) are manufactured together in order to form these edible plastics that also include the wrapping on your meat.

Note: Citrus is sprayed with chemicals to keep them from over ripening while in transit. It is not advisable in any way shape or form to even use citrus peels in drinks or food unless it is absolutely Organic. 

So how can this new "fad item" be healthy?
The Plastic Dilemma

Plastic is evil, it doesn't decompose and it kills wildlife. It pollutes our waterways and even causes cancer. Yes, something does need to be done about plastic. It is the giant manufacturing plants that are killing this Earth with their cheapest way to package items. Not to mention irresponsible people who do not know what a trash container is. It is all from the modernization and colonization of Earth. Supply and demand. Make something cheap and charge high prices.

Is milk protein and Sugars Healthy for Wildlife

Absolutely not. Natural sugars that are found in nature are fine for wildlife and milk is fine for mammals. However, I don't know of a fish or turtle that likes to eat sugar or ingest milk proteins do you?

Food Allergies for People

Many people are allergic to milk protein and of course sugar causes diabetes which is a wicked disease and an epidemic in America. I can just see a child picking up one of these "edible" six pack holders and having it for a snack. "Hey mom, can I eat your six pack holder for a snack, I'm hungry." Children will see the words "edible" and eat it.

Long Term Benefits?

Who knows as this is a new fad that is coming to light. Will more wildlife be killed off or will children get sick. There is absolutely no proof that these edible six pack holders are dangerous or healthy for either wildlife consumption and especially for human consumption.

I think of it this way. If it is manufactured it is fake; synthetic. Something a scientist made up in a laboratory. There is nothing natural whatsoever about these holders, water bottles and other items that are being made to be edible.

Besides, this certainly has not hit main stream media since it is a new concept and there is absolutely no data regarding health of people, wildlife or the planet.

What are your thoughts? Good or Bad

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