Saturday, May 20, 2017

Freeze Fresh Fruit for a Healthy Summer Snack

The best way to freeze fresh fruit is to first wash and let drain to remove as much water as possible.

Lay your fruit in a single layer on a cookie sheet lined with either wax paper or freezer paper. Allow about 2 hours for your fruit to freeze completely.

Once frozen scoop the frozen fruit up and place in a freezer bag. This way your fruit will not stick together and you can grab a few pieces or slices of each individual fruit you have frozen. A healthy snack and a great way for your children to eat more fruit.

Freezing fresh fruit is a fantastic way to take advantage of fruit sales that will be coming to a farmers market or grocery store. Not to mention by freezing fresh fruit yourself you are eating healthy as there is no need to add any sugar and there are no preservatives.

Having a Summer party? These frozen fruit kabobs are fantastic for children's parties. No mess and healthier than ice cream.

These frozen fruit kabobs are great for adults as well. If you are hot from coming in from doing your outdoor summer chores grab one of these to help cool you off and eat fruit at the same time. Healthier than those squeeze pops that are full of sugar.

Take advantage of fruit sales all summer long. Don't worry there will be no waste.

Pop a mixture of your favorite fruit in a blender and add a little water. Once the fruit is all blended pour the mixture into ice cube trays. Once frozen you can pop out the cubes and store them in a freezer bag so you can make more.

You can also put tongue depressors in the ice cube trays to make all natural fruit pop-cycles. Kids will love this healthy snack.

Use the frozen fruit mixture cubes in a glass of water. As the cube melts you will be hydrating your body and eating fruit at the same time. You can add the frozen fruit cubes in punch bowls or a nice cocktail on a hot summer evening.

Place sliced fresh fruit in ice cube trays and add a little water. Put in a pop cycle stick if you wish for healthy pop cycles.

There are endless ways to use fresh frozen fruit. These healthy frozen fresh fruits are great for teething babies too. Freeze your own fresh fruit. It only takes a moment to cut up a pineapple, melons, kiwi and strawberries and place the pieces on a lines cookie sheet in your freezer then transfer to a freezer bag.

June is strawberry picking time in the United States. Take your children to a local strawberry pick-yourself farm. This is a fantastic way to stock up on fresh strawberries and put them in the freezer either whole or sliced.

Free Blackberries, Blueberries and Raspberries will be coming in season in the next month or two as well. Scope out where these wild fruits are growing wild and they usually are close to the road. Wild Blueberries are generally found in the woods. This is a great way to take a walk in the woods with your children, get outside in nature and pick the best untouched fruit.

Wear long sleeve shirts so the bugs do not bite and to protect your arms from any prickers. Take a couple of baskets with you or ice cream buckets and pick all the free fruits you wish. Just make sure you are not trespassing on someone's property plus you can always ask the landowner if you can come on their property to pick the fruit.

Enjoy these healthy choices for a sweet and cool treat on a hot summer day.

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