Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Homemade Lunchables - Healthy Eating - Saving Money

Stop Feeding your Children Junk Food

Children just love those Lunchables that you purchase for them in the grocery store. However, they are not only expensive they are not a healthy food choice for your children.

Anything that is prepackaged is full of preservatives that prevent them from spoiling, they are made in unclean manufacturing plants, they are full of salt and extra sugars that your children do not need.

It Only Takes a Moment

It only takes a moment to put together your own homemade healthy lunchable for your child to take to school, school outing or to eat as a snack. Plus those prepackaged Lunchables are expensive. With the money you are saving by not purchasing these you can not only afford to purchase healthy lunch choices you will be able to purchase more healthy choices.

Let your children help you put their lunch together. This is not only teaching them about healthy food choices it is teaching them responsibility by having them prepare their own lunch. This can be one less chore you need to do.

With the ability of purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables along with cheese and assorted nuts you will have more than enough healthy food choices for the week. This will also allow for your children to have a healthy snack when they come home from school.

  • Make healthy meat and cheese roll-ups without the bread
  • No more than your child's hand size of pretzels, crackers or nuts
  • No more than your child's hand size of fruit
  • Roll meat and cheese in lettuce
  • Pre-cut celery and carrots and place them in a container of water in the refrigerator to keep them fresh
All of this can be done for the entire week in just a few moments. 

In the new world we live in parents and children alike need to eat healthier. Stop eating out of a can or package as these foods are not healthy due to the preservatives and even the can linings. 

Obesity in children has become an epidemic with the fast food chains targeting children with their child's menu. Children learn from their parents. If you are eating unhealthy foods your children will do the same. Of course the opposite is true; if the parent is eating healthy the children will eat healthy.

Teach your children they do not need that candy bar to soothe their sweet tooth as a hand full of grapes is just as sweet. If you only purchase healthy choices then that is all your children will have to eat. 

Saving Money  - Eat Healthy - Healthy Living

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