Sunday, May 21, 2017

How to Get more Yield from Tomato Plants

There is nothing like a fresh Tomato

Being able to go to your garden and pick a fresh tomato for your salad is a wonderful thing. Seeing your tomato plants blooming and fruiting is a wonderful site in any garden whether you are container gardening or have a larger garden.

How to get More Yield

If you are not a regular gardener or are gardening for the first time here is a little secret to get more yield from your tomato plants. Remove the suckers. 

You will see the suckers noted in this photograph. They serve no purpose to your tomato plant other than "sucking" more energy out of your plant and you will end up with less blooms which mean less fruit.

Once you see a sucker growing between the main stems of your plant and the leaf simply pinch these off. Your tomato plant will become bushier, produce more flowers and will love you for it.

Check your plants every day as these suckers seemingly grow overnight. When pinching off the suckers to remove them make sure you do not hurt the main stem of your tomato plant.

The suckers grow directly in the notch of the stem and leaf so you can easily find the right part of the plant to pinch off. 

Check your tomato plants and remove the suckers throughout the growing season and watch your tomato plant become bushy and provide you with more blossoms.

More blossoms mean more fruit. Love your garden and it will love you back.

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