Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Sustainable is Attainable

Eat your Backyard don't Mow It

If you have time to mow your backyard you have time to turn it into a sustainable garden.

Once you have started your garden all you have to do it water it, pull some weeds and watch the fruits of your labor grow into fruits and vegetables that you can store in your cupboard or freezer.

Note: NEVER grow a vegetable or fruit garden in your front yard as the exhaust from vehicles and road salt will enter your garden and you do not want to eat these poisons.

Save Money - Eat Healthy - Healthy Living

Plant berries around your fence line or train them to grow on a trellis. Berries are Perennials which mean they come back every year. This will provide you with fruit for cereal and snacks. Strawberries come back each year as well. Dehydrate them or freeze them. Plant a peach tree or apple tree these grow in any temperate area. Again, these can be frozen, sliced up to put over ice cream and dehydrated for healthy snacks. Eating fruit does stop the sweet tooth and is healthier than grabbing a chocolate bar.

Providing vertical planting areas will provide you with easier picking of the fruits and vegetables that vine and will also provide you with more room to plant plants such as potatoes, cabbage, lettuce and root vegetables, etc.

Vegetables are a must. There is nothing like eating fresh beans, peas, tomatoes and of course fresh lettuce for salads. Do you flock to the fresh vegetables in the grocery store? Instead of spending money why not save money and grow your vegetables yourself.

Each vegetable generally has it's own growing season. Carrots, onions, radishes love the cooler temperatures so these are planted first. Carrots will grow until the fall so all you have to do is tend to them. Radishes grow in the spring and are picked early. Once you pick you can plant them again for another crop. Onions are planted early like carrots so they will not be ready until summer to fall.

Squash will grow all summer long as they love the heat. Pick your squash in the fall. Peas are planted early in the spring and produce through the summer. Potatoes are planted in the spring and grow until the fall. You can dig them up early for the small potatoes or let them grow for baking ones.

Herbs are a must for any garden. Why purchase herbs in the grocery store? They are expensive aren't they? Plant herbs that you cook with and save yourself some money. Herbs can be dehydrated or frozen. In the fall bring your herb garden indoors for fresh herbs all year long.

The time and money spent from mowing your backyard, purchasing gas for the mower and spending money on mower breakdowns put that time and money into a sustainable vegetable garden.

Start small and grow your garden as you go. You will not have a large backyard garden in one year so start with planting the berries and get them started. Then build a couple of raised beds and these can be built from scrap wood.

Ecosystem in your Backyard

The butterflies and bees that your garden will attract will create a little ecosystem in your backyard. Plus, these insects will help to pollinate your plants. You will find toads will take up housing in your garden and in turn the toads will eat other insects that may eat your vegetable plants.

It's a win win for the environment.

Here is an idea. For the next month keep track of the prices of the vegetables and herbs you are purchasing from the grocery store. That's basically your entire grocery list. Now multiply this amount by 12 for 12 months of the year. What is your total grocery bill for the year? You just might be amazed at how much extra you are spending.

Now, think of what you could do with the money you are spending out of your pocket on your groceries. Could you put that money in a savings account?

Gardening is Relaxing

Spending time tending to your garden on a daily basis is very relaxing. Yes, relaxing. You are spending time outdoors getting fresh air, you are watching your plants grow and prosper which is gratifying. It's a sense of accomplishment.

In turn, you are de-stressing your body and stress is a huge killer of anyone. If you work in a corporate office you just might enjoy unwinding at the end of the day by spending time in your garden. Gardening is great exercise as well.

Fresh Air - Unwinding and de-stressing - Sense of Accomplishment

If you have the Will you will find the Way

I can't force anyone to turn their backyard into a vegetable and fruit oasis. Or force any one to save money. However, what I can do is plant the seed in your mind.

A person has to have the will before they find the way. Like I stated earlier in this article all you have to do is start small. Start with a herb garden and some container vegetables. If you like your rewards then add to your garden the next year. I guarantee you will end up with your backyard full of fresh and healthy vegetables and fruits. Use your garden as landscaping and you can still sit and enjoy your backyard.

Eating healthy will in turn keep you healthy. Gardening is relaxing and not a chore so your stress levels will drop. Again, less stress is a healthier body. You are gaining a sense of accomplishment with what your garden produces for you, you will never have accomplishment in your daily job.

Being sustainable is attainable, it's all up to you.

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