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The Need for Community Gardens

The First Grocery store was Piggly Wiggly built in 1916 in Memphis, Tennessee. This gave way to the grocery stores that we have today.

The food that adorns the shelves of our grocery stores come from all over the world as where it is winter in one place it is summer in another. Therefore, there is always a fresh crop of vegetables and fruits that can be sold. These food items are shipped by rail, truck and of course large cargo ships.

Population Growth and GMO's

The World's populations has grown since 1916 and in turn more food is warranted. Since most of our food is now produced in other countries and shipped all over the world the need for pesticides and other chemicals is an unfortunate must. If our fresh fruits and vegetables are not sprayed with chemicals prior to shipping most of this food would spoil by the time it reaches it's final destination; the grocery store.

Most have heard of GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms) produced by a pharmaceutical company by the name of Monsanto. Monsanto produced genetically modified fruit and vegetable seeds in order to produce more yield on each plant as well as the chemicals in the seeds reduce the risk for plant diseases and reduces weeds at the same time.

It is these GMO's that are killing off the bee population as the genetics in the seeds is harming the auto immune system of the bees. It has also been noted that these GMO's are also harming human auto immune systems.

Heirloom Seeds

Heirloom seeds are open pollinated, meaning bees and other insects fly from flower to flower and transferring pollen. This was the 'good old days' of the family farmer. No pesticides and no GMO's. Nature taking care of crops instead of today's man made seeds.

At the end of each harvest season the family farmer would keep back seeds from their garden. The seed would be naturally dried and kept for planting the following season. Unfortunately, heirloom seeds are only available in very small communities and are rather expensive to purchase.

The Importance of Community Gardens

Over the past few years community gardens have been popping up in not only empty city lots but in urban communities as well. Some schools have adopted a farming program to teach children how to grow gardens and share their produce with their families and the community.

Gardening is important because you and your neighbors are able to grow your own fruits and vegetables. Reduce the cost of groceries which saves money and provides a way to not only share with each other but to be able to preserve your excess garden yield.

With the rising cost of fresh fruits and vegetables there is a large need to go back to the basics and grow a garden. Gardens can be in containers or a back yard and the best yet a community garden.

With community gardens everyone is responsible for their own planting, their choice of vegetables and fruits, watering and weeding. During harvest you keep what you have harvested and you can swap your harvest with another person's harvest. This way everyone gets to enjoy fruits and vegetables that they did not grow.

You can also save seeds for the next year's garden or you can change up your garden and grow something different.

Community Gardening Benefits

Building a community garden brings entire neighborhoods together. Everyone works along side each other and can get hints and tips about growing. Children learn the importance of growing and taking care of the garden as well as they are learning how to get involved in the community. There is nothing wrong with making new friends.

Gardening is relaxing therefore reduces everyday stress. Reducing stress reduces the risk of heart attacks, strokes and improves your immune system. Being in the out of doors is providing much needed sunshine which is Vitamin D, an important vitamin for your body.

Gardening provides exercise that most people in the city and urban areas would normally not get. We all know that exercise is very important for a healthy body and healthy sense of well being.

Gardening provides you with a sense of accomplishment. Who doesn't need this? Working for corporations certainly provides no sense of accomplishment. When you watch your seeds start to sprout and grow into fruitful beautiful plants your heart will sing.

Gardening provides you and your family with fresh fruits and vegetables which are much better to eat than those which are in a tin can on the grocery shelves.

Gardening provides you and your family with dehydrated or frozen fresh snacks plus homemade canned vegetables and fruits to last until the next year.

Gardening as a community can also provide extra income to improve not only the community garden but to help with school programs. Community gardens are a fantastic investment for everyone in your local community.

Getting back to Basics

As a world we can not loose the family garden. Our adults and children alike need to learn how to be self sufficient and stop relying on spending money on produce that is full of pesticides and chemicals. Everyone needs to learn the art of gardening once again to provide for themselves and their family.

How do you garden?
Can you get a community garden started in your area?
Can you help your local schools to adopt a gardening program?

Eating Healthy - Healthy Living - Saving Money

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