Thursday, May 11, 2017

Urban Farming

Eggs, Vegetables, Milk and Meat

Most urban areas do allow for up to three (3) chickens and even a goat to have in your backyard. Roosters are frowned upon as roosters make too much noise. Besides, you do not need a rooster for the hen to lay eggs.

There is nothing like the taste of a fresh egg. If you have three (3) chickens you'll get three (3) eggs every day. Ending up with an over abundance of eggs is no problem if you do not eat that many, all you have to do is sell your overabundance of fresh eggs to your neighbors or co-workers.

Building a chicken coop can be make from all recycled materials. If you have an old shed you no longer use why not turn that into a chicken coop. Add a goat for milk. The goat and chickens can be over-nighted in the same shed. Never had goat milk? It is the healthiest milk you can drink. In fact, there are many human babies that can only handle goat milk so now you have the option of selling fresh goat milk.
You can make feta cheese which is made from goat milk. So far you have chickens for eggs and a goat for milk and cheese. Plus through selling extra eggs, goat milk and goat cheese your goats and chickens will pay for themselves from the money you make.

Add some rabbits as they do not need a lot of space. If you have never eaten rabbit meat here's a tip. Rabbit meat is a healthy meat choice and has no flavor. The meat will take on the flavor of herbs and spices you cook with. White New Zealand rabbits are the best for meat. They grow quickly and in eight (8) to ten (10) weeks you will have rabbit meat.

I used to have a rabbit farm and sold the meat for $5.00 a rabbit. I dressed them out the day the meat was to be picked up so I always had fresh rabbit meat for sale and never frozen. I made a nice little profit on my rabbit farm. Besides, rabbit droppings promote earthworm growth so I was able to sell worms for fishing.

Now you can add a container garden or raised garden beds. The tops of your vegetables can be fed to the rabbits, chickens and of course the goat. The rabbit, chicken and goat droppings can be used to fertilize your garden.

Everything helps everything else. Being frugal is saving money, eating healthy, sharing with others and living a better lifestyle. We can not loose the sustainable farms we need to grow them. You will find that you will enjoy and relax while taking care of your animals and your garden. In fact, I bet you will even start thinking about moving to a country setting to make your urban farm a larger hobby farm.

Chicken for eggs and meat, goats for milk and cheese, rabbits for meat and earthworms. Earthworms for the garden and to sell for fishing. Garden for fresh vegetables and fruits. Manure for the garden. Garden tops to use as supplemental feed for your chickens, rabbits and goat. Make extra money selling eggs, worms, milk, rabbit meat. See how this all works together. The rewards of having an urban are endless!

Eating Healthy - Healthy Living - Saving Money

Be Frugal!

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