Monday, June 19, 2017

Grow an Edible Hedge

Blackberries are a climbing plant and are fantastic to plant as a growing vertical hedge in your backyard. Blackberries should be planted in full sun in well drained soil and can produce berries for up to 20 years for your family to enjoy.

The first year you plant your blackberry bush it will not produce any fruit as not only does it need to acclimate itself to where it is freshly planted it will take that entire year for it to mature. Blackberries love the full sun and when trained to grow on a trellis will provide not only fruit but a great privacy fence. A week or two prior to the blackberry fruit is mature and ready to pick, place a garden fabric over the the plant so the birds do not beat you to your harvest.

Raspberries can be planted in the same manner. In fact you can plant blackberries on one side of your yard and raspberries on the opposite side. Again, plant in full sun in well drained and mulched soil.

Blueberries are another great fruit to plant in your backyard. There are two different varieties of blueberry bushes and the best one to plant is the Vaccinium Corymbosum which can grow up to 6 feet tall and pruned to look like a tree. Any other type of blueberry bush will grow close to the ground like it's wild cousins and your yield will not be as large.

There is nothing like being able to pick your own fresh fruit and all it took was a little time in your garden. All of these berries can be frozen and of course made into pies and jams and jellies.

Remember never plant any edible plant in your front yard. The exhaust from vehicles as well as winter salt that is applied to the roads will not only harm your plants and kill them off, but you can also get a very low yield. Not to mention you do not want to poison yourself from the vehicle exhaust or road salt.

Will you plant an edible hedge where you live?

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