Wednesday, June 7, 2017

No quick fix for Loosing Weight

If you drink this juice three times a day you will drop 5 pounds in a week.

If you take this diet pill you will drop pounds and inches from your waist.

Just spray this on your food and watch the pounds melt away without exercising.

Don't be fooled by what you see and read about a quick way to loose weight. It doesn't exist, period. There is no quick way to loose weight as it took time to put on the pounds it is going to take time to take off the pounds. Make sense?

Stop wasting your money on something that doesn't work. The only way you are going to loose weight is to eat healthy choices and exercise. Simple.

My partner, Jason Stover, wrote an article about the Paleo Diet. Now this diet is the way we all should be eating in the first place. It is portion control, healthy food choices, more vegetables and less meat and of course daily exercise.

The peoples of the Mediterranean are healthier than the people of the United States because their diet is simple and pure. They eat greens that grow on the land, they eat healthy and they walk.

Exercising doesn't mean to join a gym and pay out even more money for something you will never visit. Exercising is as simple as walking the dog, walking with the family, walk every single day. Walking is a low impact way to loose weight and swimming is the other best way to exercise.

If from birth to adulthood everyone ate a healthy diet and walked every day there may not be as many obese people as well as some diseases. You have to remember, children mimic what they see their parents doing. So if you as a parent are eating at McDonalds every day your children will as well.

Change your way of thinking. Turn I won't into I will. It's all mind over matter in the way you are eating. Everyone has time to cook a decent meal for themselves and for their family. Get the children involved in meal making, they need to learn how to cook anyway.

Look at yourself naked in the mirror. Do you look healthy? If not start changing your diet today. Now remember, the older we get the slower our metabolism so it is harder to loose weight. However, you can stay at a steady weight if you are older.

Stop chasing the "quick fix" of weight loss as it does not exist.

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