Being writers by hobby and trade we here at the Frugal Bible have gotten to know quite a few great authors over the years. So, we started to talk recently about making a place to showcase those writers works and information.

So here it is:
 The Frugal Bible, List of Authors and Books We Recommend.
George Kramer
 George is famous from his Arcadis fantasy series and his new medical thriller Blind to Blood.

He was born in Brooklyn, New York, and raised on Long Island. He moved to Indiana in 1989. He enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, along with his eight other siblings. He is an avid reader who entered writing in the science fantasy arena. George looks forward to connecting with other authors to learn, and to share what he has learned.

Wayne Barrett
 He describes his website as a world where you will find a unique blend of creativity in the form of fictional literature, poetry, painting, and pencils.

Wayne is a freelance writer with published work on Amazon, and he also is an active writer on Hubpages and The Undead Poets Society. His short story, Midnight in Jackie’s Garden is available as an eBook and he is currently working on a volume of short stories that will be published in hardcover and paperback as well as e-readers.

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